Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Little Lace

I love to read, I read everyday and even though I own and use a kindle at night, I still love the feel of a physical book.

 But I never seem to have a bookmark on hand. I have had the usual gift shop type with the synthetic ribbon at the end that frays and disintegrates over time. I have also had one that I adored, it was a laminated affair with a stylised capital letter A on the front, from the Book of Kells. Sadly, I think I must have left it in a library book and sent it back without realising. 

That is the problem with bookmarks. they are flat and hide quite neatly within the leaves of your book. Unless your ribbon or tassel survives the rigour of reading, they are easy to lose. 

I also know that knitted lace bookmarks are a popular small project to crochet or knit, there are currently 398 patterns to choose from on Ravelry for them. I was asked to teach a class in the local library and I needed a small project that could possibly be completed with 2 hours. I thought of my poor books, with random receipts tucked inside the pages as markers and decided it was going to be my next project.

Needle: 3mm
Yards Needed: 30 yards approx

The bookmark isn't overly difficult to make, it does however look like a curled up mess until you are finished. A quick blast of the steam iron sorts that out and everything is beautiful, neat and flat and ready to use in a few seconds. They are quick to make and would make wonderful gifts for the book lovers in your life. The pattern is free, so head on over to Ravelry (follow the link) and download it now!

I have also been busy with other small lace projects. These socks are from Stephanie van der Linden's book Around the World in Knitted Socks: 26 Inspired Designs. The book has fabulous socks in it and each pair is as delightful as the next. I have a high instep and a long foot, so some of her designs don't fit me that well if they are knit to pattern. This pair fits well and look so delicate and feminine that I almost can't believe it's my feet in them! I did go up a needle size, and probably didn't need to in the end, they fit with room to spare.

I usually prefer to knit vanilla socks and never stray much from what I know is a perfect fit. These were too pretty to ignore, especially when I had a ball of Cornflower from the West Yorkshire Spinners Florist Collection just staring mournfully at me from my stash. A plain stockinette pair just wouldn't have done the gorgeous blue any justice at all.

I love the lace. I love socks. But I can't see myself knitting every skein of sock wool I own into a patterned lace or cable sock. Even though I could spend months working on a large shawl, the thought of a concentrated sock makes my teeth hurt. I think it's because I think of socks as my palette cleanser project, the one I cast one when I want some mindless round and round action. Fighting with lace repeats on four needles make me frown a lot. As a once off project they were immense fun.

Needles: 2.5mm
Yardage: 298 yards approx

Apart from lots of small projects and lots of thinking about larger ones, I am getting ready for the kids to finish school until September. 9 whole weeks at home with no TV (sadly my granny's television that I inherited from her, died a few months ago and we haven't replaced it yet. I am too sentimental and too sad about it) and probably very mixed weather. I need a battle plan. One for keeping me sane and them amused. I am thinking of giving them projects of their own to be finished before school starts again. And for us all to collaborate and write a small book, we have talked about it lots but we haven't organised ourselves yet. I have a feeling that the laptop will need a rota for fair usage from all parties and will be smoking from exertion by August 31st, hehe!

I will keep you all updated on project Vortex of Doom!

Until next time

Happy knitting


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