Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Friday, 29 September 2017

Twirl Scarf and Solstice Shawl Pattern Release

It almost feels like letting these beauties fly free in the wild! I have actually released two patterns! Eeeep! Imagine, doing something I said I would ages ago, alas I am a perfectionist  when it comes to procrastination.

I have to thank my good friend Mairead and designer Marie Wallin, for giving me the shove needed, because otherwise, these two patterns would still be languishing on the computer with no hope of ever being knit again.

I went to a class in the Glen Gallery in County Antrim last November with Mairead and another knitty pal. The class was to knit a beautiful fair isle cowl by Marie Wallin (Nelly Cowl, I completely recommend it, fantastic knit and a stunning cowl at the end of it) and we got to chatting after coffee, as you do...

"Go on, show her your stuff" Mairead is keen.
"Shhh, she'll hear  you" I'm still a little awe struck being in the same room as a real life designer.
"Go on, look Marie, look at what this one can do" Mairead isn't giving up and now Marie has started to look like she expects me show her something fantastic.

I pull out the phone and flick through my photo's (which are a third, kids, a third interesting sunsets and a third knitting related). I mumble incoherently while Marie looks on quietly. Little did I know what she was planning on the spot. 

I gave her my details and she said she'd like to do a feature on me in her newest book (Shetland which was just launched this week for Shetland Wool Week). I think I was a bit dazed, because I smiled and agreed and didn't honestly think anything would come of it. 

I think Mairead made up for the both of us in the excitement stakes, and she made happy noises the whole way home. 

Marie was true to her word though, she asked me for two new designs, both to be knit with Jamieson's Ultra and Ultra Cobweb. I happily obliged and spent many happy weeks last year plotting, planning and knitting. 

And that is how the Solstice Shawl and Twirl Scarf came into being.

Solstice is a top down triangle shawl, knit from a garter stitch tab with a knit on edging. It is knit with cobweb wool and a 2.75mm needle. The lace is a small repeated motif and there is patterning on every row.  The finished shawl measures 64" x 32" and used 806 yards of yarn approx. 

The Twirl Scarf is a long twirly scarf, mimicking the Fibonacci sequence or Golden Ratio. It is knit with 6 colours of Jamieson's Ultra and is knit from the top down with a plain stocking stitch section and a garter stitch lace section. It is finished off with a knit on deep lace edging. The scarf is knit with a 3.5mm needle and used 954 yards approx. It is a less demanding knit but it looks more complicated because of all the different sections.

I really enjoyed the whole process, although none of it felt real until the book landed in the post this week. For anyone who is interested I am on pages 66 - 69 of Shetland! With a lovely write up by Marie and the most spectacular project photos I have ever seen. It is amazing what a professional photographer can do!

Both patterns are now available to buy in my Ravelry Store.

Thank you!!!
Happy knitting


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