Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Friday, 18 August 2017

Bousta Beanie KAL

I cannot resist a fair isle hat. And a fair isle hat KAL is even better! Imagine being able to immerse yourself in a pool of like minded knitters, all dying to swap colour choices and discuss floats and contrasts. Oh it's bliss...

This delightful little creation is called the Bousta Beanie, designed by Gudrun Johnston for Shetland Wool Week 2017 and it is a free pattern at the moment that you can download from the Jamieson and Smith website.

There is a knitalong (KAL) from now until the 20th September on the Jamieson and Smith Ravelry Forum, and Ella will be picking a winner at the end. I'm not sure what the prize is, but the only stipulation is, that you use Jamieson and Smith yarns. No hardship there, I have lots of remnants from other projects and I had a lot of fun picking out colours.

I think that is the most fun part. The colours. Sometimes it's tricky, sometimes you just play it safe, but always I am looking for that magic combination. It has so far eluded me. The colours that just make you stop everything and stare. The colours that look like jewels shimmering in water. The colours that blend and contrast effortlessly. I'm still learning lots about colours and I'm having lots of fun in the process.

I chose three of my favourite colours. A mid blue for the main colour, with a turquoise and a coral as contrasts. The turquoise, surprisingly melted a little too much, I think it needed to be a shade deeper. But it still turned out so pretty and eye catching.

I finished the hat in 2 days, the fair isle is simple and the colours don't change that often, so you get a good run at it. I think it's the perfect beginner fair isle project, because of this and those who are well used to tackling more intense colour work will find it refreshing.

So join in! The KAL is ongoing until September 20th on Ravelry, you can share your thoughts and pictures there, or on Instagram using the tag #boustabeanieKAL

I love browsing through all the projects, with only three colours, there is still a staggering amount of variations, so you can't fail not to find something to inspire you.

Until next time

Happy knitting


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