Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Laura's shawl

Following on from my Helstone Shawl, I wanted to continue knitting with my sock yarn, especially the Merino/Silk blends, and I wanted to go bigger!

I find the Merino/Silk sock yarn, light enough for delicate lace, but heavy enough that the shawl isn't too flimsy or unwearable. Something that you can wear without worrying and still small enough that you can always keep a spare one in your handbag.

I have always admired the queues and queues of beautifully multicoloured sock weight shawls on Ravelry, they can be stripey, have unusual shapes, have plain segments and use stitches for texture with fantastic results. 

I had two gorgeous skeins of Ellie and Ada Merino/Silk Sock in my stash in the colours Mulled Wine and Festival. I thought they were a nice warm combination and design features just started popping into my head.

I knew that I would need to keep the lace patterns simple, and also tweak them so that they fit neatly into my shawl shape and a workable repeat pattern. I knew almost from the outset that I wanted a deep solid coloured edging that would look fantastic from a distance.

Unfortunately, as I was so set on using a deep edging, it also meant that I had to dip into a third skein of yarn to keep it as I wanted. Thankfully the dyer, the most wonderful Laura, had another skein on standby and I was able to buy it from her. As she so nobly came to my rescue, I have named the shawl after her.

The shawl is a crescent shape, and sits so neatly on the shoulders, with no fear of it falling off. It is the perfect size and weight, and almost feels like a pair of luscious wings. 

I used a 3.5mm needle and the finished shawl measures 31" x 61" approx and used 926 yards of yarn.

I am so in love with the shape and how it fits, the silk content adds that little bit of sheen and luxury and it is so squishable and delicious.

I am finding the heavier weight yarn such a treat to knit with and I am almost considering a DK weight cosy shoulder warmer. Can you imagine how toasty and comforting that would be? Although, this may be the wrong time of the year for it, haha.

I have lots more sock yarn vying for my attention, so I think tomorrow morning, I will spend a happy hour or so, matching colours and playing 'what will I create with this'! This therapy comes cheap and is very effective for uplifting the mood.

Until next time

Happy knitting


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