Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Helstone Shawl

Hard to believe that we are halfway through March already. The evenings are staying brighter and the sunsets are getting harder to catch. I did manage to catch a sunrise, the sky exploded with colour so think, you'd need a knife to spread it.

I have been quite taken with sock yarn in the past year, and I have amassed a stash worthy of using. All these beautiful hand dyed skeins of soft merino and delectable merino/silk. I think it would spoil my feet, it's so pretty and I think it would be better if it could be worn and seen rather than hidden in shoes and boots. Socks are worn and they wear out, I think I would cry if I wore any hand dyed pretties out. So I have been making up some patterns for cowls, hats and shawls. They only use one skein and are fun and exciting to make. 

I had designed my Helstone Shawl a few years ago to be knit in Malabrigo Lace and I really loved the design. I decided to swap the garter stitch to stocking stitch and knit it in Merino/Silk sock from Life in the Long Grass. I made two, one for a Christmas Secret Santa Swap and the second one for myself as I was just so taken with how adorable it turned out to be!

The yarn has a beautiful soft shimmery sheen from the silk and it sort of has a heaviness to it that makes it block and drape so seductively.

The colours in the hand dyed skein are subtle and pretty and every time you look, you find another surprising hue.

I love strong jewel colours in general, but there is something so light and soothing about opalescent colours. They always remind me of Parisian shabby chic and it's something I would love to be able to achieve if left to my own devices with a dye pot, but no matter what I do, I am drawn to stronger hues. I am trying to reel it back a bit and practise putting subtle colours together instead.

In the meantime, I can always snap up a gorgeous skein that does all the work for me!

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at my efforts. I have been busy writing up and editing a large bundle of patterns that have been languishing in a folder on my laptop for *years*! I need to get them test knitted and the I can finally publish. I have the best intentions, but then something I always get caught up in the knitting part and a new project! I just need to set aside some dedicated time for it. So I apologise wholeheartedly, I can only say that though my intentions were pure, my follow through was rubbish.

Until next time

Happy knitting


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