Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Knitmas 2016

Knitmas is the most wonderful time of the year! All the Irish Twitter Knitters get together with the help of the website Elfster, to create the most amazing gift exchange. Names are randomly drawn and we have to make a gift, add some edible goodies, buy a small gift and part with a piece of our own stash, to be posted anonymously on December 1st.

The amount of effort and brain power that goes into these creations is phenomenal. We all spend time asking questions (anonymously of course) and getting to know our recipients, before deciding on the gifts to give. Sometimes there are themes, handwritten gift tags, clues about the gift-er, but always at the end of it all there is a box of goodies that the gift-ee has fun waiting for, opening and using. 

This year I made a pretty little shawl in Merino Silk from my own design - Helstone Shawl. It reminded me that I never actually published the pattern and I enjoyed revisiting an old favourite.

So yesterday morning, the postman reversed at speed through the gate and handing me a very heavy box with great flourish across the half door. I'm sure he was wondering what could possibly be so heavy in a polka dot box. I did wonder myself!

On opening, I had more carefully wrapped blue tissue parcels to negotiate. Each treasure brought a gasp and oohs and ahhs and I was grinning in wonder through it all. 

I was utterly spoilt rotten my my gift-ee Jenny, a beautiful yarn bowl (I don't own one, but always wanted one!), hot chocolate, handmade stitch markers, a gorgeous notebook, handmade slippers (in my favourite colour), a little soapy sheep, cookie cutters, and a very squishable skein of Dublin Dye DK! The sweetest part were two handmade bowls by my very talented Elf, that I will treasure.

So there you have it, the fun still continues on twitter, with more gifts arriving every day.

Happy knitting


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  1. It's so lovely to see all of these in a blog post with large images. I love your shawl is beautiful and what a lucky knitter you are, I'm still after a yarn bowl lol