Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I am very behind schedule these days! All good intentions rush away and hide when my brain wakes up. I seem to be in a permanent state of in between sleep and wakefulness. Not quite sure what will put me over the edge to one or the other.

Anyway, asleep or awake, I'm still knitting. It's my one constant, my lodestone. It's a bit of a relief to to be honest as it's my mindfulness time. I can focus on something completely in the moment and forget everything else. 

Unless of course, I'm obsessing over colours! Choosing the most pleasing colour combination takes up an enormous amount of my time. First, I take a quick look at other projects to see if any of them make my heart leap, then I see what colours are available in my chosen yarn, then I spend many happy hours, putting skeins in my basket and taking them out again!

I have beautiful visions of vague, sparkling palettes, that are chic and Parisian and classy in all kinds of subtle ways. But however much I try to mimic them, the colours I choose are always bright, bold, definite and about as subtle as luminous pink hair.

I do try. I aim for cottage pastels with a hint of shimmer and end up with a red brick country mansion with marble pillars and sparkle that illuminates a football field. 

I don't mean to say that I don't like my colour choices, only that I find it amusing that my soul calls out for juicy opal fruit purples and luscious greens. Subtlety doesn't seem to have a place in my wardrobe. My knitted wardrobe at least.

So for my Crofthoose Hat, though I saw many beautiful variations, some delicate, some boisterous, I chose with my heart and picked these five colours.

Background colours are 66 (egg yolk yellow) and 53 (pale peach), main colours are FC56 mix (dark purple/green fleck), FC11 mix (moss green/gold fleck) and 9097 (Jamieson and Smith red).

So after very careful consideration, I am very happy with my choices. The trouble is, I still want that delicate, shimmery, chic version too...Guess I'll have to go shopping again!

Happy knitting


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