Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

RDS National Crafts Awards 2016

I am such a daft duck to be so late in posting this! July 12th dawned sedately, with no inkling of what was in store for me. I had my lovely invite to the RDS National Crafts Competition Prize Giving Ceremony at 3pm but I had no idea that I was anything other than a lucky exhibitor there. I had received a notification that my Lusna Scarf would be on display in the RDS Concert Hall during that week and also the week of the Dublin Horse Show, so we decided to trek up to the big smoke, have a nice cuppa and a biccie and take some photos of Lusna in her little glass case.

The exhibition was laid out very intimately this year, as they had sectioned off the centre of the room and everything was displayed to their best advantage.

Lusna Scarf courtesy of the RDS by Roland Paschhoff

We settled in for the speech and the prize-giving (the kids are so good, the mute button I installed in them really works!) and First Prize for the Constructed Textiles/Established Maker was called out wasn't me! Boo hoo. Ah well, it meant I could relax and enjoy the rest of the event. The winner was Antoinette Hensey for her piece titled 'Winding Down'.

Image by Roland Paschhoff courtesy of the RDS

But then they started calling out other prizes and the screen was showing my Lusna Scarf. Totally flabbergasted I wobbled to the stage (still no make up, but clean clothes this time!) to collect my prize - Guild of Irish Lacemakers Award.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement.

Image by Roland Paschhoff courtesy of the RDS

I was delighted to be in the exhibition, but to achieve an award as well is a dream come true. 

Leatherwork winner/Emerging maker - Shauna McGowan with Rose Arum
Once the shock wore off a bit, I took some photo's of the other exhibits.

Constructed Textiles/Ermerging Maker - Alison Hunter with Completing the Circle
There were so many beautiful items on display, many for sale, that you could happily while away an hour or two just marvelling at the unbelievable talent that this country has to offer.

Woodturning Winner/Established Maker - Roger Bennett with Inlaid Bowl
I am amazed to see how much time, energy, talent and sheer stubbornness that goes into each and every piece. I can imagine the moment the idea arrives, the trials and errors, the bashed thumbs, ripped fabric, broken glass, dropped stitches and every single curse word that shaped these items. I can feel the relief when the piece is finally complete, the tired eyes, brains and limbs. How many sleepless nights contributed to each one? I imagine the moments of anxiety when you think, 'is it good enough?' and the millisecond where you stop and let it go, send your baby out to be judged.

Constructed Textiles/Established Maker - Dorinda McCormack with Invisible Architecture
Some people are good at distancing themselves from their art, but it almost feels more natural to be still attached and feel everything, hoping that for every feeling that goes into a piece, will translate to whoever sees it, a bridge between maker and buyer.

Glass Winner/Emerging Maker - Grainne Banville with Magh Meall
Or maybe that's just me!
Glass/Emerging Maker - Sophie Longwill with Bitchpants
So that was my day in the RDS, I came home a happy lady already thinking of what I will make for next year.

Embellished Textiles/Established Maker - Brid McCabe with Liberty Kaleidoscope
The exhibition has now moved to the National Museum of Country Life in Turlough Park, Co. Mayo, so if you are in the vicinity between now and the 13th of November2016, please pop in and have a look.

Constructed Textiles/Emerging Maker - Patricia Cox with Wreckless Abandon
I have another post from the second exhibition in the pipeline.

Constructed Textiles/Established Maker - Suzie Sullivan with Ode to Toad
Until next time.

Constructed Textiles Winner/Established Maker - Antoinette Hensey with Winding Down
Happy knitting 


Embellished Textiles Winner/Emerging Maker - Raychel Murphy with I now pronounce you Hatred and Strife

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