Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Sunday, 20 March 2016


It was with giddy excitement and determination a few weeks ago, that I skipped over to Etsy to have a look at Sharon Miller's new Heirloom Knitting Etsy Shop. I have all of Sharon's books and I cut my Shetland Lace teeth on her many patterns. I am a huge fan and still happily obsessed with Shetland Lace thanks to Sharon's dedication to the craft. I was delighted to find all my favourite yarns back in stock, including a new one I had never tried before. 

I immediately popped the whisper fine Ethereal Cashsilk into my shopping basket. I love the gossamer cashsilk, knitting with it is a wonderful experience and I knew it blocked out beautifully. I couldn't wait for the postman to arrive and I even bought new 1.5mm needles as I had none in my stash. This was truly going to be a new and exciting experience. 

I had my pattern all ready to go and I used a crochet provisional cast on to begin with. I'm knitting a brand new project for the RDS National Crafts Competition and progress so far is slow but steady. 

The thread is two ply and quite hardy for something so light and fine. Blocking it will be an interesting experience, I'll have to be extremely careful.

My only gripe so far is that I seem to be reacting to the brass in the needles and my knitting is taking in a blueish tinge. I'm hoping it washes out!

I'll keep you posted on progress, has anyone else knit with yarn this fine before? What did your finished project turn out like?

Until then

Happy knitting



  1. Wow, it's like spider webs! Beautiful.
    I bought some J&S Shetland Supreme Gossamer to make a shawl. I want to make it, but on the other hand I'm kind of scared, plus I have absolutely nowhere to block it if I did make it.

    1. I block my shawls on the bed usually, a double can handle a large shawl quite nicely, and if you do it once you get up it should be dry by bedtime :D
      Space is limited here, I have no floor space to leave blocking mats down, so this works nicely.
      Enjoy working with the gossamer, I adore it! It's not as scary as you think once you get used to handling it. Maybe knit a small garter stitch square with your intended needles just to get used to the feel of it. Once you start, you do become addicted to it!

  2. It's beautiful; the design is beautiful as is the yarn. My, it's so so fine. And the pattern is so lovely. I maybe could crochet this but never could I have the skill or patience to knit such an amazing creation. Greetings to you from southern California. Pat xx

  3. You have just made my day! I am a HUGE fan of Sharon Miller's, and I didn't know that she was back with her lovely yarns! Guess I'll be doing some shopping today...I've been craving another big, complex project!

  4. Also...I tried brass lace needles once, and had a similar problem with my skin reacting to the metal. MY LYS generously allowed me to return all off the needles. I'm very sorry to hear that it's happening to you, but I have to admit that A tiny part of me is relieved that I wasn't the only one who had a problem.

  5. I love it! it's just beautiful 💚
    And please ignore my question for your 23 Apr 2016 post about the yarn you are using 😊
    The yarn look so nice and silky.