Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Epistrophy Cardigan

I love blue. Can you tell? I have a new favourite Cardigan thanks to Kate Davies beautiful Epistrophy design. I managed to finish it in two weeks as it's double knitting and I flew through both the plain and the colour work knitting.

I really love just the two colour knitting, tension gets the chance to be really even as your are not swapping out every row and there are very few ends to worry about. 

I am used to doing fair isle with jumper weight yarn so the double knitting feels so much more substantial, it makes the Cardigan so cosy without being bulky. 

I was too enthused about finishing that I decided to knit a facing to cover my steeked edges instead of waiting to buy some ribbon. 

Et voilà! There she is in all her glory. 

Yarn -  Jamieson's double knitting in Bluebell and Eggshell
Needles - 3mm and 3.5mm
Yardage - 1,076 Bluebell and 102 Eggshell
Size - 6th
Pattern - Epistrophy by Kate Davies from her book Yokes

Happy knitting


  1. It's a lovely sweater. How I admire your knitting skills. I find steeking fascinating although I have never tried this technique. Maybe one day. Enjoy your beautiful sweater. Pat xx

    1. Thank you Pat, you should definitely try steeking in a small project. The pure unadulterated terror you feel as you wield that scissors could have you weeping and shaking. But don't be put off ;) continue, find your courage and snip! By the time you get to the end of the piece, you will be jauntily confident in ways you never imagined. This knitters high can last quite a while so give it a try, you'll feel like you've conquered the world!

  2. Lovely!

    Why is double knitting both a yarn weight and a technique? And even a technique that can be done in at least two very different ways to produce two different results? (This is a rhetorical answer. If you actually have an answer, let me know to sit down first so I do not fall over in amazement.)

    1. Haha, I did ponder this exact thing as I wrote the post Carolyn! Please take a seat ;) Is double knitting yarn 'sport' weight? I always get confused, if you wanted further confusion, as I was growing up we called yarn in general 'wool' whether it was animal related or not, just a generalisation coming from a time where people only had wool to work with. So yes, double knitting being a weight and also a non related technique do not surprise me in the least!!! I'm sure there are plenty of other crossovers, at a local level these things are hardly noticed but everything collides on the internet to sometimes cofusing but hilarious results.