Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Plans for 2016

Happy new year, I hope 2016 has had a positive start for everyone, and even if it hasn't there's plenty of time to turn things around! 

Being true to form, the new year is now five days old and I have only begun to think of my new years resolutions for my knitting now. The weather has been dry and chilly for the past few days, and with the little 'uns still off school, we have been busy meeting with friends and family over the past while. 

We spent a lovely day in Ballinamore recently and nipped out to have a look at Poll an Eas Waterfall, to see if it was fuller than usual after all the rain and flooding that this poor country has experienced over the past six weeks. The water was definitely higher than usual and the roar of the water was hard to ignore. The water had receded at some point because there was a definite line of detritus along the green, where the water had been at it's highest. 

The waterfall was majestic, the water rushing and crashing against rocks and throwing itself over the ledge with glorious abandon. Damp globules in the air, bubbles in reverse, were just waiting to leave you soggy if you got close enough. I was glad I had brought the camera and spent ages playing around with the settings (resolution number one, should be digital camera lessons) and trying to capture what my eyes were seeing. The fresh air felt good after too long indoors and I'm eager now to get out more, once the torrential rain stays away.

I am almost finished my Winter Hap Shawl, I have half the edging completed already and I can't wait to block her. There is something so satisfying about hap shawls, their simplicity, the endless colour combinations, the cosiness, they are the supreme of snuggle blankies. I look forward to blocking and using this one, the colours really make me happy and already it keeps me warm on my lap and feels soft and happy.

As for my knitting plans for the coming 12 months, I have been busy herding patterns and matching them up with my stash.

Projects planned for 2016

  1. Epistrophy Cardigan by Kate Davies in Jamieson's Double Knitting in shades Bluebell and Eggshell
  2. Hillswick Lumber Cardigan by Ann Feitelson in original jumper weight colours by Jamieson and Smith
  3. Sixareen Cape by Kate Davies in Jamieson and Smith Jumper Weight and Jamieson Ultra stash
  4. Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman in Opal Sock yarn
  5. Socks (lots of) using my Opal Sock stash
  6. Series of Shawlettes and Scarves of my own design using my hand dyed sock and lace yarn stash. I have roughly 10 skeins and want to use them all up in a series of patterns that I plan to publish over 2016
  7. Finish my Williamson Shawl and Princess Shawl
  8. Work my way through the patterns from Kate Davies Seven Skeins Club from her new Buachaile book. I was a club member and have the yarn and patterns waiting for me to make them, so I have absolutely no excuse ;)
  9. I want to make something epic and fine for the RDS National Crafts Competition this year, I have neither yarn nor pattern but my thinking cap is smoking from exertion and I will have an idea drawn up soon!

I think that's all. It is twelve months of knitting all listed neatly in small writing that kind of minimises how much yarn and time that will go into it all.

The pattern writing and swatching (bleuch) will take time, as will the RDS project (last year it was 4 months of my life, with several all nighters pulled towards the end) but the journey will be interesting and no doubt eventful.

I must get back to knitting my hap shawl so that I can get a start on the list. I'll keep you all updated as I go.

Happy knitting



  1. Your hap is beautiful! I'm decreasing the center square of mine; I still have around a hundred stitches on the needles; if I had read the pattern when I started (instead of relying on my memory, which of course was wrong) then I would probably have started on the border by now. I thought I remembered that you increase up to 100 stitches, but it was looking really small so I took it all out and used a larger needle, then got to 100 stitches and looked at the pattern and ... oh, I'm supposed to have 144 stitches! So the smaller needle size would have been fine. Oh well, it is relaxing like you said. I can knit it anywhere without having to refer to a chart (yet). Just mindlessly increase or decrease on every row :)

  2. I completely agree with item 7. I will have to do that one too. I'm very impressed with your resolution to get that ALL done!

    Perhaps my design for the Shetland Stars can help eliminate the swatching and stuff and you can start right away with item 9!

    I'll be watching how you're getting through this all! Enjoy yourself.