Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Thursday, 21 January 2016

January wips & fo's

January started wet and wild with flooding and gustiness, I live on a hill, so we just tied everything down and hoped the rooftiles would stay put. It quickly moved on to a brisk blanket of snow that barely lasted 24 hours. Now we are back to a chilly mizzle but at least the sky is looking brighter.

This month I have finished three projects. My baby surprise jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann and matching booties, my No Sew Bootie-full Booties were quick and simple to complete. I love using these patterns for newborn gifts. They are unisex and unfussy yet warm and interesting enough to avoid the 'being put away for goodwear'. I like to use Opal sock yarn as the colourways are fabulous and work well for either boys or girls. I avoid adding ribbon or buttons until the baby is born and then I can go down the msculine or feminine route. 

I have some yarn left over so I'm percolating the idea of a baby hat to match. Something to tie the two patterns together, an homage to Elizabeth and a wink at No Sew! Keep watching, as the baby these are a gift for will be here at the beginning of March.

I also finished my Winter Hap Shawl. Once I got to the borders, with all the colour changes, it flew off the needles and landed neatly for blocking in my bed.

I'm still in awe of my stripes, I had no idea beforehand just how stunning they would look altogether. Having no colour sequence in mind when I started, I went with 2, 1, 1, 2 (first two colours) 3 (third colour) 2, 1, 1, 2 (fourth & fifth colour) 3 (sixth colour) then one ridge of the shawl body colour before mirroring the colour changes.

I am currently woking away on Kate Davies Epistrophy cardigan. I'm doing the body first and I'm almost ready for the sleeves. I'm excited to bring in the contrasting colour, I'm using Bluebell (Jamiesons double knitting) as the main cardigan colour and Eggshell as the contrast. It's a washed out pale pale blue, it almost looks like a white that has been through a wash with a navy sock! 

There will be more photos once I get to the colourwork and excitement. The prize of a yoked cardi.

I was lucky during our snowy spell to catch some sunrise photos.

Th hot sun against the icy brightness of the snow was a beautiful contrast.

Until next time

Happy knitting



  1. Your hap shawl is gorgeous. And it went so fast! Mine took forever and a day (having to redo the entire border and edging was part of it), and keeps needing to be mended. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Other than catching it in a hot oven and charring the edging, that is. I love the colors!

    1. You sound like you are using it exactly as it was intended Carolyn! An everyday work shawl, a constant companion who is useful and worthy of mending. Don't change a thing :)