Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Creative Bootcamp Day 4

Good evening fellow boot campers and readers!

Today was a bit of a strange day. I did my morning pages *this morning* so I feel like I'm back on track in that respect and I brought my camera with me all day, but ended up only taking a few shots of the flowers in my mothers garden.

I wasn't feeling particularly creative, tired mostly and a little wrung out.

It wasn't until I had taken some photos of the flowers that I thought they would make a nice sketch.

I didn't have any paints or pencils with me so I will leave it until tomorrow to get artistic in some good daylight.

In my journal this morning I touched off some issues that have been piggy backing for a long time. I am tired of carrying them around but I have no idea how I might lessen them or get rid of them altogether.

It's interesting when you begin to write things down that you ask yourself questions and then automatically try to answer them on paper. It's as though you need the full focus that only the hand holding a pen can give you. I doubt that even typing them on a computer screen would have the same effect.

This imaginary inner conversation can open up new paths of ideas, connecting old ones to new and bring a fresh perspective to your troubles. 

I didn't quite solve anything this morning with my scribblings, but I did see some connections to things in my past that I hadn't thought of before, so that has to be a step forward doesn't it?

I never knew there could be so much therapy in dedicated writing, when the stress of thinking you have to write something worth reading is taken away. It is interesting to see how the mess in your head untangles itself on the page.

So, I didn't make anything per say today. I did write my daily haiku though, I sift through the words in my morning pages and use them as inspiration. I think I will keep that up every day. Take a thought, break it into syllables and write it down. 

It's simple and effective and most importantly, I enjoy it. 

So here's my haiku for the day...


Two years distance, past
cannot be reclaimed or lost,
as now you are gone.

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