Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Friday, 2 October 2015

Creative Bootcamp day 2

Hello fellow creative boot campers and readers! Day two already. I did wonder more than once today, what would I write or make and then I realised that I was simply over thinking it. I think the best way to tackle an entire month of creativity is to *not* think about it. That way, when something comes to you (and it will, have faith) it is totally fresh, new and unencumbered.

I never imagined that this morning when I woke up, I would end up writing a poem. I haven't tackled one of those scary things since the Leaving Cert, so I surprised myself when the day decided I would write one.

I was busy this morning, outside the house, so I didn't get to put pen to paper until 4pm (not so much morning pages as afternoon pages, eek!)

Once I started writing, I realised that morning might be when you are *supposed* to do them but, really any time of the day, as long as you have time to sit and commit to them is perfect too. I get too hung up on the details sometimes, fussing about things being right, when in reality I'm just stopping myself from actually doing them at all. That pesky inner critic really is a pain in the derrière, I'm firing mine right NOW! 

I tumbled out the knots in my brain onto the page and watched as they loosened in front of me, Worries and fears writhed a bit, but then something funny happened. I wrote one good sentence. It stopped my pen mid air and I smiled to myself. I could see it there in ink looking back at me with a smirky look that said 'so you never knew I was here'.

I was so enthralled with that one sentence that a haiku began to form. I must have looked a sight as I sat on the sofa, notebook open, pen conducting some invisible orchestra as I counted syllables over and over, using my fingers and muttering to myself.

The magic is, that I would never have thought to just sit down and write a poem, I mean, where would I start? What would it be about? What should it look like? Rhyme or no rhyme? See what I mean by the devilish details overtaking and squashing the creativity flat? 

I am enjoying the process so far and looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings.


Forty five degrees
of pain, from slumber to roused.
Don't want to wake up.

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