Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Midori Travelers Notebook Blue Edition

I have been on an intense stationery adventure recently, I have been getting brave and creative with my notebooks and it's both exhilarating and terrifying!

A few months ago I found that the Blue Edition of the Midori Travelers Notebook was still available  to buy at Miscellaneous or Misc Store, an online shop I have started using. As anything blue and stationery related is a huge draw for me, I hit the order button with a large helping of enthusiasm.

Unfortunately I have no unboxing photo's which is a huge shame as the Misc Store deserve an award for their wrapping and packaging skills. The notebook plus accessories arrived in a beautiful box with a Misc sticker as closure. Inside, perfectly nestled into the exact size and shape of the box was a parcel, monochrome and delicious. I opened my gifts (see! I bought the notebook, but it arrived so prettily it felt like a gift!!!) holding my breath as I did so, in happy anticipation.

I wasn't disappointed, after opening the Midori packaging (simple, elegant and useful) I had my Blue Limited edition in my eager hands. The leather feels warm and smooth, it begs you to touch it and hold it in your hands. The leather is a slightly finer texture than the original brown Midori I own, and it is a joy to hold.

So I have moved in all my notebooks and inserts, using the Midori connecting bands. I have a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar and a journal. 

I have used the Midori tabs to label the months and used washi tape and stickers for each months layout. Did I mention I have only just discovered Korean Planner Stickers??? Oh my, how did I ever live in a world where I didn't know that they existed? They are adorable and teeny and totally suitable for a grown up woman to use *cue primary school fancy paper daydream* ;p

I even made my own dashboard. I used some card stock patterned on both sides and die cuts and scrap booking cards from The Reset Girls August Lister's Gotta List Kit. I glued everything lightly in place and then sent the card through the laminator before trimming to fit. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Next is my journal, which I try to write in everyday. It's mostly thoughts and daily doings.

Again I have been using washi tape in random colours, tipping in photos and using distress inks to colour the pages. The Midori paper is so good, it takes my fountain pen with no trouble at all.

I plan to add a Midori long pocket to the back of the dashboard.

The Pan Am branded zipper pocket from Midori is not available in Europe, but I was able to order from Goulet Pens in the US. 

Inside I keep all my stickers safe and sound.

In my weekly calendar, I used some stamps and coloured them in with crayons. I was surprised at how much detail and shading I was able to get out of the kids crayola twistables! It was liberating and fun to sit down and lose myself for a few minutes as I coloured away. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I'm considering getting some artists pencils for myself and see how I get on with them.

I'm liking the vertical layout so far. Colour coding is fun and a useful tool.

It is mostly addiction but I have three packs of the Midori puzzle point markers stickies! They are so adorable and fit perfectly in the back of the Pan Am zipper pouch.

In the long pocket at the back I hold stamps and a To Do list sticky note. 

I have had so much fun putting my Midori together, and using it everyday. I carry it with me and don't find it weighs down my bag or takes up too much space. There is a little overhang with the long edge as the middle notebook sticks out a bit, but it doesn't bother me and it feels great in the hand. I enjoy sitting down with it every morning and checking my calendars and journalling. 

Has anyone else a traveller's notebook they would like to share? Please add your links in the comments and I'll have a look :)




  1. Having always been a Jane Austen fan, being interested in pen and paper has just come naturally to me. I wasn't really able to do much with it (or so I thought), so my interest waned a bit. But a few years ago you did a post about your fountain pen collection, and it got me going all over again. (I was following your blog for the stunning knitting.) You had a nice Lamy selection, and that got me wondering about the difference between the AL-Star and the Safari. So when I googled it, the first result that came up was a video that Brian Goulet had done. I am now a life long Goulet customer, and I have you to thank for introducing me to them! What a wealth of knowledge, all in one place. So I guess it's come full circle with your Pan Am pocket from Goulet. :-)
    I've amassed quite a collection of paper adorning things, but the collecting seems to be as far as I ever get. Sure, I use my fountain pens with different nibs and ink colors, but I want to get way more creative with my..."papering." I always think that the right thing (whether it be notebook, pen, whatever) will get me going, but that hasn't happened yet (even though I now have plenty of "right" pens). Maybe the Midori would do it. I'll have to wait to find out until I have the funds, but since you've already steared me in the right direction once before... ;-)

    1. Hi, thank you so much for your lovely comment! it seems that lots of interesting hobbies can spring from a love of all things Jane Austen, I'm still convinced I was born in the wrong century! I was the same, afraid to mess up nice notebooks and hoarding pretty things but not actually using them until recently. I have been following a lot of YouTubers who are showing how they journal and what they use to decorate their pages and it's very liberating. Check out Ali Brown, she's very creative and enjoyable to watch!