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Foggy Sunset
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Chic Sparrow Traveller's Notebook

Oh my, oh my. To be seduced by leather is such a heady and intoxicating experience. I have had my head rightly turned, I may never look back.

Please meet the Chic Sparrow Narrow Creme Brulee Travellers Notebook in the original  Creme Brulee colour. The photos are showing the leather to be slightly more tan than brown, but in real life, the notebook is a delicious cinnamon colour. I simply can't put it down, it's so tactile. The leather is fragrant, thick yet supple and is warm and slightly pebbly to touch.

I have spent several days using it and swapping around my inserts to get the best set up possible and as it's slightly wider than my Midori Traveler's Notebook, I have more space to play around with and nothing overhangs the edge even when it's fully stuffed. 

I am using all my usual Midori inserts, I love the paper, it suits my eye and fountain pen, and I have stocked up on plenty of notebooks to see me through the next few months. Living in rural Ireland, there are no local stationery shops that stock the brand or anything similar, so I buy everything online from the following websites:-
  • The Journal Shop - There is a huge selection of Midori stationery items here, including stickers, notebooks, stencils, bookmarks, tape, clips and accessories, enough to keep you engrossed for several hours at a time as you search for things you didn't even know you needed! 
  • Miscellaneous Store - I bought my Blue Pan Am edition Midori Traveller's Notebook here and their service is second to none. Everything arrives swiftly in the most beautiful packaging that makes you hold your breath as you tease it open. A Rolls Royce experience! They also sell the notebooks in sets of 3 for a slight discount, which is always a good hook for me.
  • JP Books - The cheapest site so far, for the notebooks, this website is no frills but are swift with delivery and a pleasure to use.

The Chic Website experience was easy and satisfying. Jennifer Harvey has plenty of beautiful photos and words to describe her wares and her YouTube channel is here. She has plenty of videos detailing her notebooks, so if you are stuck on any of the finer design choices, chances are, she has answered your question in one of her videos.

I placed my order and sat back impatiently waiting for my precious to arrive. As it's leather, from the US, I was aware that there might be customs charges at my end, so when the notebook did arrive, I have a very apologetic postman standing on my doorstep refusing to hand over the goods until I parted with some cash. It was worth it, once I opened the little parcel (ALL good things should come wrapped in string and brown paper) and the scent of leather wafted out over me, I fell in love with this piece.

The leather is thick, thick, thick and juicy, beautifully textured and already it's beginning to curl around my notebooks as if it's protecting them. I opted for the additional pen loop to be riveted on and the words Carpe Diem to be inscribed on the front in script. This notebook is now truly mine and unique to me and is beginning to get little scuffs and marks from holding it and using it. I can totally understand why Ali Brown calls this notebook her 'luvie' in her video's, she totally sold me on it. (Go watch them, she's inspirational and so enthusiastic it's infectious!)

So that's my story so far, I bought some dashboards that arrived today, so I have been rearranging my baby's innards! Such fun! If you would like some photo's of how I set up my notebooks and what I carry in her, let me know in the comments.

I may have gone a little crazy with the supplies...Washi tape, pens, kawaii stickers, project life cards and sticky markers. Welcome to stationery bliss :)

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  1. Of course I want to know how you set up your notebooks! I am still admiring them from afar, and have no clue how in the world I would use one. Obviously, I need to find out...