Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Monday, 25 May 2015

Communion Veil

Good afternoon! I can finally sit down and breath now that the weekend is over and a fresh week has begun. My beautiful daughter made her first holy communion on Saturday and I had undertaken to make her veil for her big day. Did I start it months in advance? Did I meticulously plan out every single detail and plot every stitch and bead placement? Nope! Busy with my RDS competition entry I left everything till the last moment and used an existing pattern of mine hoping that all would turn out well and on time...on the 3rd of May! I gave myself less than three weeks to complete a fairly mammoth task of turning two tiny metal needles, a ball of thread and a bag of sparkly pink beads into a featherlight veil. Did I manage it? Yes I did, whoopee! Round of applause please!


I changed the pattern a little to fit with it's miniature recipient and occasion, which was quite easy to do, I left out the last pattern page and finished off the rose motifs with an extra one to fill the space. It left it that I had plenty of time to complete it (even with a few nights of knitting till 1am) and it just hit the perfect length on my daughter.

The Debbie Abraham's size 8 beads in a pretty shell pink really added to the antique look of the veil and it hung perfectly from the back of her head with the barely added weight.

I am delighted with how it turned out and that my daughter was happy to wear it and it managed to keep it from harm all day and it's still perfect.

I do hope that someday she gets to wear it if she ever gets married.

I pinned it to her hair with some hairpins and it stayed in place beautifully. 

A quick close up of the beading.

A friend kindly made the cake and decorated it, it was gorgeous, so pretty and delicious, it finished off the day in the best way possible.

So now I am back to my Sealtainn Shawl and beginning the edging, so I am quietly confident that I will have it finished and blocked by June 10th.

Here's hoping!

Happy knitting


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