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Foggy Sunset
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Simply Scrumptious Socks

I have fallen in love with socks, hand knitted ones, from wool. Thick, luxurious, colourful handmade pieces of art for the feet. There is a joy in knitting these relatively small creations yet the pleasure they bring to the wearer in their fluffy goodness, cannot be quantified. Er, yes...I like socks!

Soxts - 2.5mm needles & Opal 4ply Sock yarn (Vincent Van Gogh, Die Brücke von Trinquetaille colourway)
Over the past few months I have made quite a few and enjoyed working on every single pair. I'm still working out the best pattern to fit me perfectly and I think I have cracked it, tension, needle size, number of stitches, perfect leg length and best foot length. Once you get the hang of the anatomy of a sock, it is so easy to customise each area to fit your foot exactly right. I was so engrossed I was hit over the head by the imagination fairy and I accidentally came up with my own pattern, but more on that later.

Inside Outside Socks - 2.25mm needles & Opal 4ply Sock yarn (7472 Tom the Bard colourway)

Apple Bobbing Socks - 2.25mm needles and Opal 4ply Sock yarn (Play, 8822 Apple Bobbing Colourway)

I have also had a chance to play around with needles. I have tried double pointed needles, circulars with the magic loop method and most recently a teeny tiny 9 inch circular so that I could knit in the round. All methods have their own pros and cons. I have been using Hiya Hiya 9"/23cm bamboo circular knitting needles.

Fluero Socks - 3mm needles & Regia 6ply Sock yarn (Flueromania 6589 colourway)

Simple, easy to use, no need to use stitch markers as you can arrange your needles in a way to separate each area of the sock
Can leave a visible ladder between needles and using four needles can be awkward to begin with
Magic Loop Circulars
Easy to see instep and under foot sections
Can leave a visible ladder between needles
9 inch Circulars
Just knit round and round, simple to knit fair isle and colourwork with
Can be tricky to get used to knitting with shorter needles
Serendipity Socks - 2.25mm needles & Opal Sock yarn (Opal Rainforest, 8467 Kongo Sally colourway)

The circulars took about one pair of socks to get the hang of them, I usually knit with the needles resting in the crook of my thumb and it took a little while to relearn how to knit using only the tips of my fingers. It is worth the initial fiddling around with, as soon as you do get the hang of them, those socks just fly off the needles. Now I will admit to not enjoying knitting rib that way, so I usually swap to dpn's at that stage, but you never know, I could get the hang of it yet, ha ha.

200th Blooms Socks - 2.5mm needles & Schoppel Wolle Zauberball (Durch Die Blume colourway)

The beauty of the socks is not always in the pattern itself, but in the yarn they are knit with. I am a devoted lover of Opal sock yarns with their self patterning colourways. There are countless ranges and colours and the only trouble is picking ONE to knit with. When you know the socks will look delicious without any pattern to help them along, it is such a pleasure to sit and knit while watching TV, or chatting to friends, or even dinner. There is a logical process to them, a cuff, a leg, a heel, turn the heel, gusset, foot and finally a toe. Watching the pattern repeats come to life is delightful and the added excitement of trying to get the second sock to match makes my heart beat that little bit faster. I love delicate lace and cabled socks, but right now I am so in love with the plain little stocking stitch, I'm finding it difficult to stop.

Smushy Socks - 2.5mm needles & Crystal Palace Mini Mochi (Baby Face colourway)

So to break my self imposed monotony (which wasn't monotonous at all) I started playing around and came up with a simple patterned sock of my own. I enjoyed it immensely and they are such a novelty to me that I have decided to share the pattern with you all here on the blog. They are called Inside Outside Socks and I will publish the post on them within the next week.

Comfy Betty's - 2.5mm needles & Opal 4ply Sock yarn (Opal Rainforest, Venezuela Betty colourway)
I still have a small stash of Opal yarns amassed so there are plenty more socks in my future, I defy anyone to not knit and enjoy them.

Hermie One Socks - 2.5mm needles & Opal 4-ply Sock yarn (The Little Prince, 7763 colourway)

Sprinkles Socks - 2.25mm needles & Opal 4 ply Sock yarn (Sweet & Spicy 2, 8613 Zuckerstreusel colourway)

Until next time

Happy knitting



  1. Your colours are like candy. Yum, candy!

    1. Yes! That's what makes me so hungry for the next pair, there is just so many pretty skeins of sock wool :)