Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Friday, 17 January 2014

Westerwick Cardigan

Never was I so happy to down needles and finish a project!  Not because I wasn't enjoying the process but because I was so impatient to be finished.

I decided last Christmas to take on the mammoth task of knitting a Fair Isle cardigan for myself and I had the perfect pattern in mind.  I have Ann Feitelson's Art of Fair Isle Knitting and I had a hard time choosing a single pattern to begin with, but the shimmering girly quality of the Westerwick Cardigan took my fancy and I ordered the wool tout suite.

I cast on in January last year and the pattern just flew off the needles for the body and I thought I'd be finished in no time at all.  Unfortunately, I ran out of wool and had to wait for more to arrive via Jamieson and Smith, so my gallop was stalled a wee bit.  Then of course, the weather began to warm up and soon I was sweating under a mass of candy coloured sweaterness.  Last Summer was the warmest I can remember in a long time, I even got tan lines!

So poor Westie was put away in a project bag in favour of lighter lace and cool silk blends.  I would take her out every now and then and she'd plead with me to do a row or two...

*knit me*

I would occasionally oblige, but the heat, the sweaty fingers, the irritation of trying to smooth along a row on sticky needles just didn't make for a good knitting experience, so I gave up.

I did try to be good and finish up once September hit, but there were so many other things to knit *whines*...

But January and I are old friends.  We know that once New Years Eve magically turns those clockwork cogs and a new year begins I turn my mind to *whispers* finishing things.  Such a glorious feeling to put all that's new and shiny away and suppress those *start me* urges and focus on what needs to be done.

I survey all my lost and lonely projects and decide, firmly and with a solid determination, to take up and complete them one by one.  Such a happy release to make the decision to whip those WIP's (works in progress) into submission.  Love January, I do!

So next up is my Williamson Shawl, which is happily over the half way mark, so I hope to have another completed project on my hands fairly soon...

Until then

Happy knitting



  1. It must be awesome to be able to knit your own clothes! it is just lovely, like candy.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it, in this gloomy winter we're having.

  2. very beautiful knitting art !waauw, amazing made cardigan! and next time the Williamson stole?? I did a little part ( the flower) kind regards mieke

  3. Love the colours and admire your patience!

  4. Love the colours and admire your patience!

  5. I hope you blog again. I have just found you! Beautiful
    knitted items.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Hello. I just discovered your blog by chance. Your sweater is absolutely beautiful! I so admire your fair isle knitting talents. I'm sure you will so enjoy waiting this lovely sweater.