Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Pre-Christmas to do's

December is steadily moving forwards with a rhythm that is verging on a canter.  I had thought that when I saw the first arrive that I could slowly get myself in gear and take my time in getting ready, but no, this month has other ideas!

It is now the 18th and although I am mostly organised and ready, it has still surprised me with it's stealthy march on time.  I made my Christmas cake when the kids were at school, not something I usually do as they like to help and stir and lick the mixture from the utensils, all those things that make childhood memories so full of spice and good tasting things.  This year I decided to go solo and make it with no additional helpers.  They were disappointed not to be included and now I feel really bad about it, when in reality I made it quicker and with less mess than usual!

I also added the marzipan and icing to it while the two pint size helpers were at school.  I'd love to say I didn't make a mess but I have a feeling I will be picking up little pearl balls and wiping glitter off surfaces well into the new year!

I have been working on my Christmas cheer too, I have all the gifts sourced, bought and wrapped and patiently waiting under the tree for their new homes.  I had a light bulb moment while I was looking at all my Jamieson and Smith jumper weight remnants and thought, hmmm, little mini Christmas stockings would be so dinky and cute and would make lovely little presents.

So out came the double point needles and I found a gorgeous free pattern on Ravelry here from Classic Elite Yarns and I grabbed a pen and squared paper to draft up some initials.  At the back of the initial I just made a 1 x 1 chequerboard and began using the contrasting colour in rib for the cuff.

I'm so pleased with how they turned out, I tried to match colours to personalities and also used the contrasting colour for the toe.

They are bona fide socks, made the ways socks are, only in miniature, so you can fill them with all sorts of mini goodies, sweets, lip balms, use them as key rings, hang them on the tree, just gorgeous.

It's been a fair isle kind of month, I also made Kate Davies Snawpaws and Snawheid though I think my gauge is way off as the hat was soooo small it doesn't even fit right on my 7 year old.  Still, I have plenty of yarn left over for another and I'm going to go up a needle size and make 1 or 2 more repeats of the the snowflake to make the hat more beanie like and make room for my hair!

The snawpaws were more of a success and fit like a dream.  I think I will end up adding the pom pom, I want to get one of those cool Clover pom pom makers first though so I won't have to mess about with a cereal box and a scissors like I did in my youth :)

The yarn is a fabulous natural white and violet from Jameson's in Shetland.  The violet is a true vibrant purple heavy with almost iridescent blue tones that just can't be picked up by my camera skills.  

I picked the colours because I fell in love with them, not because I had a winter coat to match them, so now I am in a bit of a conundrum!  Wear anyway and look a little like an opel fruit (still can't get used to starburst! Hate re branding with a passion) or re-do my outerwear wardrobe to match.  Hmmm...

Next up on the cards is finishing my Westerwick cardigan (more fair isle) and possibly casting on something new for Christmas or the new year, how exciting!  Nothing is in concrete yet, so I will be back possibly before the new year with an update.

Until then 

Happy knitting



  1. I scrolled down 'too far' and suddenly noticed you have an Etsy store!!! Wonderful. I'll add you to my favorites!

    The cake is lovely, will it keep until Xmas? I'm sure the children will help you eating it.
    My Snawheid is right in gauge and I wear it when it's very windy. It stays put! No mittens yet, your colour is smashing!

    Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and full of laughter 2014

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The cake will keep forever possibly, there's so much whisky on it!!! Looking forward to a taste test :) Merry Christmas to you and yours and I hope 2014 is full of fun, laughter and excellent lace knitting as always, xxx