Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Monday, 30 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

2013 is drawing swiftly to a close and I feel like I should make some little fuss over the last 12 months and look forward unfettered towards the next twelve.  I have so many new plans and ideas, if I don't unleash the thoughts of them soon I may crack under the pressure.

Christmas is almost over, it passed in a warm and cosy glow of bouncing children and too tight waistbands.  We spent a lot of time with family and the new year will bring us lots of time with friends so I feel I have fulfilled all my duties to my nearest and dearest.

There were lots of beautiful and thoughtful gifts exchanged (I'm going to do a separate post on mine), Santa visited the children and left two gloriously stuffed felt sacks of goodies that will keep them entertained well into 2014.  Almost a week later, however, they have spent an entire afternoon playing with the kinder surprise shell, by drawing a minion on it (they are huge fans of Despicable Me).  A step up from playing with the cardboard box at least.

On Christmas Eve and St. Stephen's Day I knit up (several times over) a hat with a crafty little beard attached at the specific request of a friend.  The pattern is Faye Kennington's Lumberjack a wonderful little snug hat with a playful beard attached.  I added buttons to mine so that the hat can be worn on it's own, which will extend it's use I think.  The yarn I used is Wendy Merino Chunky, in Cadet and Cinnamon with 6mm/7mm and 8mm needles.  The pattern calls for 6mm and 6.5mm but I didn't have any and by the time I knit the beard the first time I realised it was woefully small!  I made some slight changes, I added another repeat to the body of the hat as it was coming out a little shallow.  I also added another row of patterning to the beard to stop a wrap and turn leaving a large and unsightly hole just under the mouth.  I think it turned out rather well, the yarn is soft and smooshy and nice to work with and the finished hat is quirky and amusing.  I hope the recipient likes it :)

We've had a stormy and restless week of weather, we've had snow, relentless torrential rain and gales that managed to put every trampoline in the country on the ESB and telephone lines.  Sure what else could we do but sit by the stove and eat!

We haven't strayed too far from home and I've spent most days writing and reading and neglecting my knitting.  I have some projects I need to finish but I am itching to start something new and sparkly.  I have to restrain myself from casting on without abandon.

I have, however, managed to knit a fairly sturdy 17,040 yards of yarn in 2013, that is not including any works in progress.  I have managed to reach December with only 3 unfinished pieces, some that will take very little time and energy to complete and some that will require a very swift kick to the derrière to get back to.  I have oodles of yarn, even more patterns to leaf through so picking something new should not be too difficult to do. 

So what would I like for 2014?  I would like to have an empty work basket and only one project sitting on my lap, but we all know that this is a Utopian wish that is unlikely to happen, yet I am going to try.  I have one fair isle cardigan with a sleeve to finish and a Shetland Shawl that is stalled at the halfway mark that I could conceivably complete by the end of February if I stay focused and loyal.  Then I can concentrate on the poor sad and neglected Princess Shawl that is sure to become an object of my nightmares soon if I don't finish her!

Then I am free!  I can cast on what I like, savour the lightness of no other hindrance and knit like a demon.  I'll have to pick something glorious and worthy.  What fun... 

So until that happens I'm going to be a very busy and dedicated knitter, finishing all these pesky projects.

Happy new year

Happy knitting



  1. Making great use of the hat/beard. Thank you very much!!!

    1. You are very welcome, it was a pleasure :) I'm just chuffed that you're wearing it!