Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Friday, 22 November 2013

Baking and snuggling...

Today has been a very busy day.  The skies were bright and clear and the sun was strong and vibrant, so I had absolutely no excuses for not walking the children to school this morning.  I really enjoyed it, I can feel my legs getting stronger and our pace is increasing, so it is doing us all the world of good.  Especially when you are greeted with a view of the lake crystal clear and polished without even a minuscule ripple to disturb the mirror finish.  Of course, where was my camera?  At home...Never mind, I'll bring it next time!

I was delayed for a few moments chatting so when I got home, I was geared up for some tidying and cooking.  By the time I had the recycling sorted into it's separate bins, outdoor detritus tidied away, the bathroom cleaned, the floors hoovered and washed, the rooms put back to right, the dishes washed and dried, clothes washed and hung outside to dry, dinner prepared and put on to cook in the slow cooker, chocolate brownies and red velvet cupcakes made it was time to collect the youngest from school and I realised I had forgotten to have breakfast!

I have time to breath now, that everyone is collected and settled into their Friday routine.  I finished and blocked my Cora Shawl by Sharon Miller and took some quick photo's outside before the light fell.  I'm very excited about this shawl, it's soooooo pretty!  I have made it once before but it turned out a lot smaller than the pattern indicated.  I can only be blamed for this as I never did a tension square, but as pretty as that one was, it could never be the snuggle blankie that I envisaged it to be, so I decided to make it again and this time use a larger needle.

I changed the colours as well, picking out my favourites from the Jamieson's Ultra Lace range (and now I see that they have added oodles more colours, so I think I may make another!!!)   

The shawl's finished dimensions are a generous 62" x 62" which makes it ample for snuggling under in the depths of winter, using as a dressing gown, blanket, tent etc.  The colours are a 'little out there' admittedly, but I love them and I think it's quite striking!

I look forward to many evenings camping under this wonderful covering in my jammies and bed socks with some chocolate brownies and a large steaming mug of coffee.

If that's not comfort, I don't know what is!

Until next time

Happy knitting



  1. Lovely, lovely. Jammies and snuggly blankies ... and some sort of stovey source of heat ... and a bottomless pot of tea or coffee or cocoa or mulled cider (which in the US is non-alcoholic) ... Are we reading a book, too? Or plotting out knitting? 4 of 11 repeats done on Williamson's cente!

    1. Yes, a stove with a bellyful of timber, lots of coffee (or hot chocolate with marshmallows...mmmm...), reading whatever is this month's book club tome and plenty of knitty plotting...I have a fair isle cardigan missing a sleeve and my Williamson needs five more repeats of the centre to finish it :) You are almost at the halfway mark too, well done!