Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Baby Surprise Jackets for the baby boom

It feels like I haven't completed a project in a long time.  

2013 has been a year of babies in my circle of friends and acquaintances, so I have made countless little cardis and booties to cover up all that baby deliciousness.

I bought some acrylic in Aldi a few weeks ago as there were 2 baby girls born and I hadn't suitable yarn at home to make anything with.  I thought the colours were pretty and since it's acrylic, I thought the new mums would appreciate the washability.

I had some buttons looking for a good home in my kit, pandas for one and bunnies for the other.

I usually finish Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket with an i-cord bind off and knit a few rows to make a collar at the neckline, but this time, as I knew the new arrivals were girls, I used a picot cast off instead which turned out well and didn't take too long.

We had a sprinkling of snow last night and as we knew to expect it, I was dreading looking out the window this morning when I got up.  It was chilly, but as soon as the sun rose the sound of dripping and melting snow could be heard falling from the fence and trees.  I didn't want to walk the roads to school with the kids as there is no footpath for part of the way and I was afraid of cars sliding towards us, though as mornings go, it would have made a delightful walk.

So today marks the first day of my winter coat, I had to unwrap it from it's dry cleaning plastic cover from when I had it cleaned last Spring.  It's always nice to have the stove warming the heart of our home and wearing my precious winter woollies.

I feel like I'm only getting used to our oak tree with leaves, they were so late budding that it's no time at all since they grew.  Now they are twirling and drifting groundward and a stormy night will see the tree naked.

I also had a fun day out in the Glen Gallery in Cullybackey last Saturday with some friends.  We went to a Rowan Workshop with Debbie Abrahams and we made a small purse with different stitch patterns and beading and intarsia.

I had never tackled Intarsia before so it was interesting to get all the tips and how to's from the designer herself.

I think I might fore go the button closure and line the bag with some waterproof fabric and add a zip to the top.  It would make a charming makeup pouch :)

So I am now back to my Cora Shawl and should be finished in a few days hopefully. 

Until then

Happy knitting



  1. I love baby surprise jackets! Unfortunately I have no little people to knit for right now. It's winter coat time here too. Soon going to be boot time :(

    1. There has been such a baby boom in my circle of friends, I completely depleted my stash of cottons and sock yarn making baby surprise jackets! They are such fun to make. I really want to make the new fair isle one that Cully Swansen wrote the pattern for, it's adorable. I just don't know any brave mothers that are willing to take a pure wool jacket and look after it!

    2. Can you not find any nice superwash? Knit Picks (I know American) has lots of lovely superwash wools.

    3. I have no local yarn shop but usually mail order, so I'll have a look around for some Knit Picks, I think there are some UK shops selling it! I get stuck on a yarn I like and forget about all the rest sometimes ;)