Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Williamson Stole

We have had quite a week.  My little man started big school (primary level) and now he and my young lady are in the one school and can get on each others nerves for 20% more of the day!  Ha, I jest, they get on really well most of the time and have established a very interesting bickering routine, which never fails to make me smile.  They could out-argue the most disagreeable person on earth.  Unfortunately all their views are perfectly structured and well thought out, even at 4 and 7, that sometimes I struggle to regain the reason why they were arguing in the first place.

He walked into his classroom, greeted his friends like a pro and then sat down, leaving me and his dad with nothing to do but go home!  Success.  On the second day he dropped my hand like a burning coal and growled under his breath "I'm going in alone" before marching in the door without a backward glance.  Today he did humour me a little and allowed me into the school yard.  Tomorrow I'm not going to bother, he seems to have this all wrapped up!

We walked to school this morning, it was beautiful, cool, bright with an intense sun that was lifting the mist as we trekked into civilisation.  All the spider webs were shimmering and winking at us and I managed to get a few photos.

The day has been strange since, blowing hot and cold, now there are grey clouds muscling in and I'm keeping an eye out so that I can rescue the washing from the line.

In the meantime I've knitted as far as the centre of my Williamson Stole by the Ravelry Knitting Heirloom Forum.  It's knitting up fairly quickly now and the effects are just beautiful.  The best bit about this stole for me is that not everything is balanced and yet it still takes my breath away.

The yarn is my favourite too, the Jamieson and Smith Shetland Supreme 1ply in Natural White, once it's blocked it will soften and brighten and feel feather light.

It's a relaxing knit so far and I'm using a 2.25mm needle.

I anyone else knitting this stole?

Happy knitting



  1. I'm not knitting it yet. I downloaded the pattern, e-mailed it to my Kindle, and am polling Facebook for color choices. It sure sounds like I will be knitting it! I have a Christmas sweater to make for my son which will come first -- but the shawl has made it to the queue.

  2. It's a ways down my list, but after looking at yours it might just be moving up a few notches! Just beautiful!

  3. Yes! I'm, as you know, at the very same point as you are. Mine is faulty, one of the insertions is shifting a bit...

    I really lóve the look of your yarn. It's so full, yet very lacy.