Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Phoenix Rising

And finally, after 355 days of knitting, not knitting, knitting other things & sweaty fingertips from the heat, here is the long suffering Love Darg 1910 shawl!

You may remember a while back I did something reckless and cremated an uncooperative shawl in the sitting room stove (blogged here).  That poor sad little singed shawl was in fact Sharon Miller's Love Darg Stole 1910 and it met it's fiery end after I made too many irredeemable mistakes.  I decided that the pattern was just too beautiful to leave smoking away and cast on again with a different yarn and a different plan. 

I chose a Colourmart Yarn a fiery confident orange called Siena (I love all things Italian so this was a very good omen) in a 2/56nm (gossamer weight) cashmere/silk/merino blend.  The yarn is smooth with a very slight halo, lustrous and vivid.  I love it, it's just so cheerful and solid that you can't not love it.

The shawl, or stole as I decided to do, took 2,024 yards of yarn with a 2mm needle.  I began with 4 repeats of the border pattern, knit 13 repeats (as it's 2013!) of the centre pattern and then edged the circumference with Sharon's amended original edging.

I finished that last edging point today and grafted my ends together with a sigh of relief.  The shawl has been in hibernation more than it has been in progress, so all in all it took about 2 months to complete.  I'm really glad I chose to reknit it, I'm confident now that I can tackle a full sized square gossamer shawl (after I finish my Princess of course).

The finished stole is 72" x 34" blocked, it will shrink slightly when it is dry and relaxes, so the size is perfect for a wedding or even as a scarf bunched around the neck.  That doesn't sound so appealing, bunched!  But trust me, these gorgeous filmy feather light shawls and stoles fold up so small and neatly that they look quite well around the neck!  This pretty weighs only 66g.

So there we have it.  I shall have better photo's tomorrow when she dries.  Next up, I have to motor on through the WIP's (Work In Progress)!  So I will resume my Pine Tree Palatine Shawl from Galina Khmeleva's Gossamer Designs Collection.

Happy knitting 


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  1. There is no end to your skills and passion for lace.
    Such delicate lace! I already know it takes time to knit that fine.
    We keep doing it anyway...