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Foggy Sunset
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Monday, 29 July 2013

Notebooks and Planners for 2014

Ok, so I'm a *little* ahead of myself.  It's almost the end of July and I have my planner/agenda for 2014 already set up!

My current 2013 agenda is blogged here a Personal Planner that I bought roughly this time last year (well, I'm consistent at least!) and I have been happily using to date.  It is a perfect planner and I will definitely use one again, but I wanted to use the Midori Traveler's Notebook for a little while and see how it panned out.

I've spent a fun few days customising and adding little extras to my notebook to make it original and mine.  I've added some beads to the front (they are clay beads I've had attached to a bracelet since I was a teenager.  One broke when I was threading it through, so I'm not sure how they will stand up to being taken in and out of a bag over time) and I still have my crystal bookmark.

I'm using my Ruby Red Lamy Al-Star fountain pen (EF nib) with Lamy turquoise ink cartridges (oh how I love the colour of this ink, it's the perfect mix of exotic blue/green) and it fits neatly into the medium Midori pen holder.  I wonder if Lamy every sell spare gold nibs? It would make the Al-Star my one and only pen then!

I've made no changes to the outside of the notebook, though you can see it has accumulated some nice scratches and it no longer looks brand spanking new.

Inside I have added some photo's to the stick on pockets and I also have some of the Midori Puzzle Point Markers which are utterly adorable teeny sticky notes in the shape of woodland creatures.  In the zip lock pocket I am keeping cut outs from magazines and a spare sticky note on the front.

On the back I have some Washi Tape strips 'just in case'.  Pretty handy to have it there and it looks nice to boot! 

My first notebook insert is the Free Monthly Diary, which I'm using as a birthday reminder and appointments and deadlines in the month to view section.  I've decorated the pages with washi tape and cut outs from magazines.

The paper is fountain pen friendly and a beautiful cream colour with light grey lines and text.

The second insert is tied to the first with a connecting band before being added to the notebook.

This insert is the Free Weekly Diary with Notes and here I'll keep the day to day stuff and to do lists, projects etc.  Again I've run amok with the washi tape!

You do have to add all the dates and month names yourself, but this just adds to the charm for me.

I have plenty of space for receipts and random pieces of paper during the year.

And business cards or extra loyalty cards have a happy home here.

Finally, my third insert is the Lined Notebook

For any notes, inspiration and genius that comes into my head!

More space for cards at the back.

And finally another sticker pocket at the back.  The pen holder does inhibit the use a bit, but it also doubles the security of the papers here.

So I'm all set, I'll probably end up changing things around a bit as I use it but so far I'm happy with how it's working.

Happy writing & planning!



  1. Squeeeee, I love stationary!

    1. Hehe, me too! I bought lot's of sparkly stickers and smiley face stickers today in Eason to decorate the planner with!

  2. What kind of ink do you use in your fountain?

    1. Hi Jennifer, I use a mixture, Diamine ink, Pelikan Edelstein ink in any of the colours or Waterman. Just depends on what colour I want to play with next.

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