Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Flying Phoenix!

With our unusual but welcome heat wave, I didn't think I'd get any decent pictures of this shawl, but lo and behold, I awoke this morning to overcast skies and a definite hurrysome breeze!

This was great news (possibly only for me, everyone else is lamenting the lack of heat and direct sunlight, we're getting used to it you know!) as I could take some nice 'flying' shots of the Love Darg Stole.

The colour isn't clear here, but keep scrolling and the wonderful Sienna will  make your eyes pop.

I fell in love with the design of this shawl as soon as I saw the pictures in Sharon Miller's book.  It would make such a stunning square shawl, I may make it again some time in the future.

Sometimes the centre pattern can be make or break for me.  It has to be visually interesting, which can be tricky with such small repeats, but I loved this one.

I thought I would never finish knitting on the edging points, the top edge alone took days and it wasn't until I reached the halfway mark that I began to pick up speed.  I think it was because of the heat in the house in the evenings, my fingertips began to sweat (I kid you not) and it made knitting with those tiny needles and thread very uncomfortable.  I kept having to dip them in ice cold water. 

Now here is the true colour of the shawl, isn't it a stunning orange?

I'm not usually such a big fan of the colour, but the moment I saw this I knew it was destined for great things.

Happily I only used up 66g out of 150g so I have oodles left :D

So enjoy the pics, and if you were wondering if there were any interesting lace knitting books out there, check out Sharon Miller's Love Darg Shetland Shawls, Centenary 1910 - 2010.  There is so much history and patterns packed into that little volume that with the right needles and yarn you could be kept busy for several years!

I'm also considering knitting up a swatch for each of the smaller motifs charted in the book, as a little exercise but also to see if I could use them in other projects.  It would make such a lovely lace sampler book.

So back to work on my Princess Shawl now (the Pine Tree Palatine Scarf got frogged, I made mistakes and my heart wasn't in it :( will possibly try it again at a later date) very excited about this.  I can't believe I cast on initially in 2009.  Now I have the right needles, the right experience, the right attitude and hopefully the right self discipline to see it through to the end this time.

Happy knitting


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  1. yes, the little patterns. I did swatch up a few, but who has the time!?

    The shawl and your fingertips are on fire! The airy shots make it even more loveable.