Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Monday, 10 June 2013


It's so strange to think that only a week and a bit ago I still had my winter coat on and was shamefully donning socks to bed!  The past week here has been glorious, a true summer filled with heat, gentle breezes and a yellow thing burning in the sky that people inform me is called 'the sun'.

As we get so little nice reliable and dry weather, the standard Irish person usually goes a little wild when it gets above 18 degrees Celsius with no chance of precipitation.  You will find on the average street, people wearing little more than underwear, striped with angry looking sunburn, consuming cool beverages & frantically buying barbecues.

It doesn't matter that the average tourist is still wearing a coat and complaining of the chilliness in the air and looking in vain for a nice bistro to serve up some warming stew.  No, once the sun comes out, we make the most of it.

Well most of us do!  The last few years have been so bad that my children have never had to wear sunscreen to school and none of us own shorts.

So after day three of sweating in jeans, some purchases had to be made, then we all showed off our pasty luminous skin and plastered ourselves in factor 50 (sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?).

Inside the Victorian greenhouse

I also took a notion to go and 'see' things, none of this sitting around the garden shenanigans for me (I don't have the aforementioned barbecue and am terrified of under or overcooking food on one).  So after school we all piled into the car (air conditioning, you are amazing) and headed out to some local attractions.  

These gardens are the walled gardens of Lough Rynn Castle, near Mohill, Co Leitrim.  They are not in full bloom yet but are spectacular nonetheless.  Neat and prim, they are divided into 3 tiers of flowers, trees and water features that finally lead down to the lake.

The day was scorching, so we took our time and enjoyed the stroll.

There was something new around every corner and the stone work is beautiful, warm and intriguing.  You can almost see all the history that has been soaked up by these hard lumps, weathered and mossy and beautiful.

Steps between tiers.  The kids were very impressed with these and ran about playing hide and seek and peeping around corners.

The gardens are beautifully kept, a pleasure to see and enjoy.  So orderly and proper.  I have no hope of ever owning something this organised.  I have trouble remembering to water the window boxes.

The door leading to the lake shore.  It's like stepping into another universe.

This beautiful turret looks our over the lake and is attached to the end walls of the garden.  We stood at the bottom looking for Juliet and then went inside and I wished I had my knitting, lots of cool drinks and pen and paper with me.  I could have stayed all day.  The whimsy was adorable.

This is the top of the gate that leads from the gardens to the lake shore.  I'm obsessed with doors, stonework and metalwork.  When they come together something magic happens.

The view from the back of the castle, you can take you drinks out and sit and enjoy the view.

This is actually the front of the castle, the front door is hidden to the side of the large window, confused me greatly, I couldn't find the way in.

My Peter Pan moment with the kids :)

Enjoy any good weather you get, it could be gone in a flash.


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