Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Shawlettes Abound

After destashing all my heavier weight yarns I thought I would knit a few interesting but small lace shawlettes.  Small does not mean simple, but these little bite size projects kept me amused, I learned lots of new techniques and I had the wonderful pleasure of casting off and wearing them in a short space of time, which to a knitting junkie cleanses the palette somewhat ;)

First up is a truly beautiful shawl, called Angus' Dream Shawlette by the hugely talented & all round lovely lady Tiziana Sammuri.  I used Colourmart 2/28nm Merino/Cashmere (95/5) laceweight which is so soft and easy to work with.  I bought it as part of a set of 5 colours, 770 yards in each, which is a nice amount to work with and they were in beautifully coordinating colours.  

I used a 2.75mm needle and 539 yards of yarn. 

I finished the shawl in a record 6 days!  I was so pleased with how it turned out, the beginning and corner treatments at the end were unusual and I had a lot of fun working my way through the pattern.

Next up was Elisa's Shawlette by the same designer.  I had bought both patterns a long time ago and put them aside, for reasons I can now no longer remember.  Sometimes you have to wait for a pattern to scream at you :)

Again, I used the Colourmart 2/28nm Merino/Cashmere (95/5) in purple.  I had trouble winding these mini skeins at the beginning, I got myself into an awful tangle and ended up sacrificing one of the colours to the bin.  It was tangled beyond repair.  I also broke the yarn in several places.  For this reason I was reluctant to use it in a project, but when I did, boy did the yarn change, it was well behaved, strong, knit perfectly and blocked to perfection.  It also softened even more on washing, which I thought could not be possible.  It almost feels like fleece, it's so tactile and snuggly :)

The shawlette used 231 yards of yarn with a 3.25mm needle.  

I even managed to finish it in 3 days! 

It's such a lovely shallow shape that it's perfect for wearing as a neckerchief.  The shaping is made through short rows and the patterns are Estonian so it was all new to me, another thoroughly enjoyable knit.

Lastly was the Mermaid Shawlette by Yo-El made with Colourmart Cashmere/Silk/Merino 2/28nm (20/20/60)  laceweight in the Verdoso colourway (leftovers from my Agnes Pi Shawl - the colourmart cones, especially the lace ones are never ending!)

It is a free pattern and knit with a large needle (3.75mm) and I used roughly 344 yards of yarn.  Because it is so open and airy, making mistakes and having to rip it out were not fun, but I finished in the end in 4 days.

I love how the spine wasn't just a single stitch with two yarn overs either side, but it had a little more substance, a nice touch!

So a lot knit in a small amount of time, I'm ready now for a larger more intricate project and I have both the yarn and the pattern in mind...Keep watching...

Happy knitting


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