Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cameo Shawl

How did I almost forget?  I finished my Cameo Shawl by Sharon Miller towards the end of January and in the midst of my Westerwick excitement I forgot to write a post on it!!!

It is a beautiful square Shetland shawl knit with Rowan Fine Lace an Alpaca/Merino mix lace weight yarn that is sooo soft and squish-able it is almost impossible not to stroke!

The shawl was knit surprisingly quickly (about 4 weeks) and as with all of Sharon's designs, I enjoyed every second of it. 

The finished size is 52" x 52" and I used almost all of the 4 balls of Rowan Fine Lace required.  I was left with only about 13g leftover.  It is the perfect size for draping and snuggling under.  I do have a thing for light lacy squares :)

It is very difficult to capture the exact colour of the yarn, it's called Era (927) and it has a sort of plum look about it, sort of subdued and vintage with hints of pink and grey and purple.  

The centre was interesting but not too complicated, easy to knit but visually intricate.

The borders I knit all at once in the round (though the pattern is written to knit each of the four sides separately and then sew the sides before the edging is knit) so I added 4 extra stitches one for each corner.

I love knitting shawls in the round.  There might be a thousand stitches on the needle (literally!) but I detest sewing and would prefer to be finished all at once, even if it feels like it takes longer.

As I become more familiar with Shetland motifs I find that I adore knitting trees and lacehole diamonds!

I brought my shawl to the local knitting group I go to and it was immediately snapped up by another lady to adorn her for a high brow function, so I am delighted to think that it is being worn amongst suits and evening gowns!  Just as it should be :D

Happy knitting



  1. Happy sigh. It's lovely.

    And I want a knitting project. Sniff. I will *have* to do something about that soon. I've been working on doodles since mid-January.

    Mutter, mutter, plan.

    1. Thank you :)

      I hope your planning & muttering worked and you found something delicious to work on!

  2. Remember what I said about taking a break from lace? You might be breaking my resolve....

    It's absolutely lovely! I'm also very fond of Shetland lace, Miller's patterns and knitting shawls in the round. (My knitting group teases me quite a bit for that last thing...I do it that often!)

    1. Oops! I am here to enable :D

      I get teased too, I'm asked about the little scrappy bit of holy knitting I'm working on and when I say 'it's a shawl' people are now beginning to throw their eyes skyward and cluck at me! What ELSE would I be knitting :D

  3. merveilleux!!! quel est ton numéro d'aiguille? number needle?

    1. Bonjour, je vous remercie pour ses commentaires. J'ai utilisé une aiguille 3mm/2.5US pour ce châle.