Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Oh dear! New Year...

Eek, where have I been?  I'm sorry that I seem to have fallen off the face of the Internet but I sort of lost my 'get up & go' somewhere back in September and have only just decided this very moment to have a little root around for it!

Tah dah, found it!  I hope...

So here I am, it's a Sunday night and I'm settled at the table with the stove growling away and glowing dangerously.  I am toasty.  I also have a large pottery mug of coffee on standby and have polished off the last of the Ben & Jerry's (Chocolate Fudge Brownie if you were wondering).  No diets in this house, tee hee...

So I won't bore you with all the details of the last 3 months.  Nothing very exciting happened, I knit quite a bit, finished a few projects and started a few more.  To detail it all now would probably put you and I both to sleep, so I will start with a few New Years Resolutions instead :)


I'm not doing too badly this year with works in progress, I'm usually not too bad a hoarder with the half finished project.  Though sometimes I do get stuck on that ONE project, like my poor Princess Shawl.  2012 was to be her year, but usually when you announce something as portentous as that it is bound to fall flat on its face.  I don't think I even managed ONE row.  Bad knitter...

So I will make no such lofty promises this year...

Instead I will just finish the few projects I have on the needles by the end of March, these include:

The Love Darg stole by Sharon Miller.  I'm halfway through the body and I put it on the back burner as the daylight hours were getting slim and I've awful light in my sitting room in Winter time.  I really must invest in a daylight light.  The orange yarn or should I say thread (it's soooo fine 2/56NM cashmere/silk/merino blend, knit on 2mm needles) is quite fetching and I'm beginning a love affair of all things orange!

Next is my Pine Tree Palatine scarf by Galina Khmeleva which has a lot more knitting to be done.  I have one page out of 8 I think complete.  I think I need to photocopy the charts to smush them together to make it easier to read.  Just too lazy to go to a newsagents to get someone who is not fluent in photocopier, to fiddle with it to get a two page spread into a readable A4 sheet.  I promise I will try this year :)

I'm currently working on Sharon Miller's Cameo Shawl from the Rowan Lace book using the Rowan Lace yarn, which is quite pleasant to work with!  I'm on row 11 of the borders now and it's moving on quickly.  I initially cast on without thinking on Christmas Day as my fair isle cardigan was stalled and I needed a little knitty pick me up.  I totally forgot about 12 shawls 2013 (A Ravelry group where we knit so many shawls a year and enter them into monthly & end of year draws for prizes) I should have waited to cast on on the first of the year for it to count for 2013.  Never mind, I'm sure I'll have another shawl cast on soon enough :)

On my Hibernation list are:

The Princess Shawl by Sharon Miller, I need to really clear the decks and my head before I return to being monogamous to this baby!

and my Wedding Ring Shawl by Sharon Miller which is also on the VERY long finger at this stage.  Still it's a project I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into.

Waiting for yarn: 

I had all my colours chosen and bought for my Westerwick Cardigan by Ann Feitelson but after knitting half a repeat I realised that my darkest turquoise was actually too dark and I had to get creative as the original colour used in the pattern is no longer made.  I have chosen a colour from a different company so fingers crossed that when it arrives in the post that it will work :)

I think I might be a little odd in the knitting world to have so few works in progress, but I really do like finishing things!

I have no other resolutions really, I plan to enjoy each and every project, to try and use up some of my stash in the meantime.  I have some new lace books so I have plenty of inspiration and patterns to choose from. 

I also plan to review some of my own designs and see if I can publish some.  I would really love this year to have a pattern published in a magazine, so that is something I can work on.  

So lots to do & I will keep you all informed as I go.

Happy knitting & a very happy new year



  1. It's the Love Darg stole that I'm most curious about. Have the book now and it isn't as clear as I'd hoped. Want to do a stole as well and am counting on 3 balls of HK cashsilk to be enough, but Monique (kantwerk) doubts it, so I am going to follow every one of your stitches.

  2. I have 4,600yards of 2/56NM Colourmart merino/silk/cashmere but I didn't think I would have enough for the square shawl going by the amount of yarn Sharon had down on the pattern, that's why I decided to do the stole and it's a pretty quick knit!

    I'm doing 4 repeats of the border pattern so I cast on 207 stitches. It's also nice to not have to purl. I'll do about 16 repeats of the centre, it won't make it very long but it should be over 60" long at the end.

    There is another project on Ravelry that used the same weight of thread as I'm using and she used 1,200 metres (42g) on a stole with 127 stitches and 11 repeats of the centre, so I think with 2,379 yards of cashsilk you have plenty for a stole depending on how many repeats you use.

    You can always knit until you have almost half your yarn used up and that will be half your stole (leave yarn for edging though!!!). Good luck, it's a gorgeous pattern, I'm looking forward to finishing it.

    The charts have a few boo boo's in them but they are easy to spot and fix on the fly, if you get stuck, shout :)

  3. If you are considering publishing patterns, the shawl on your logo picture would be adored by many of's good to read your blog again. Welcome back.

  4. Your lacework astounds me. It's so beautiful.

    I'm the same, I rarely have more than one project on the go at a time. I'm always too impatient to see what the project will turn out like.