Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Monday, 10 September 2012


I have recently joined the general masses and bought a kindle.  I wasn't going to and I held out for as long as I could because I was against the notion of holding a contraption that needed charging rather than a proper paper & typed book.

I love books, I read every day and I have done since school.  I was lucky enough to have parents who encouraged it and brought me to a library regularly when I was too little to go by myself.  I am also very happy that they enrolled me in a local book club when I was in Primary School and I contributed to their magazine with book reviews stories and poetry.  

I am happy to say that I am still a fully fledged member of the library and bring my children every couple of weeks to replenish our stocks!

I am also hopefully going to join their book club, if there's room for me :)

So why did I get a kindle?  A simple matter of space.  My bookshelf is heaving, three deep in places and cannot hold another single volume.  I only keep my favourites that I regularly re-read, so I am running out of space.  I initially thought that a kindle would sort this little problem out and let me keep reading new material.

But I was dreadfully worried that I would lose my emotional connection to the paper and binding.  Don't you just love the feel of a well loved and often read book?  The weight of it in your hands, the scent of the paper?  The noise of the spine as it settles into being read?  The yellowing pages of those vintage Penguins?

I was terrified my favourites would think I was somehow cheating on them.

But now that I have one, I find that I'm in love with some of the functions.  Of course, I'm terrified of dropping the damn thing, or spilling food on it (I love to read while eating!!!) but it's dictionary function is magic.  I never used to bother keeping a dictionary close while I was in the middle of a story so if I came across a word that I was either unfamiliar with or semi understood (you know those words, where you have the gist of the goings on, but you would never use the word yourself as you're not 100% sure of its definition) I kept going, adding it to the general feel of the story.  Now I can look up a word in 10 seconds and then continue on my merry way with a deeper connection to the story.

For instance, the first book I bought was Deborah Harkness's Shadow of Night (I'm obsessed with her witchy trilogy) and after using the dictionary function a few times I realised that she is purposely using words from the time the novel is set in (that I wouldn't have copped if reading it off a paper page).  Genius!  Smug grinning ensues :)

So yes I'm a convert, I admit it.  I will never get rid of my favourite books, but the kindle does open up a door to a whole new universe.

So as you can imagine, I had to get some knitting mixed up in this whole literary conundrum.  I made two kindle covers.  The first one here was of my own design and I'm keeping it for myself (evil laugh).  I ambitiously chose 6 colours from my stash and used my new Intwined Studio to work out a fair isle chart.  Et voila, a rather festive looking cosy!

The first one I made was from a pattern - Booklore Kindle Cover by Outi Kater which can be bought on Ravelry.

It was a present for my lovely mother in law and it got me hooked on the kindle cover process.  As accessories, they are small and fun to make, quick and ideal for fair isle (the extra cushion of the stranding is great for keeping your kindle safe and sound) and you can also felt them for more security.

I see a lot more kindle covers in my future!

Fits like a glove and I feel safe popping it in my bag now.

I used two different shades of purple against a white background.  Looks jewel like.

I can't show a picture of the outside without showing some of the inside, I always think it looks as glorious.

Happy knitting


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  1. Pretty!

    Don't forget about keeping pdfs of your current or future patterns on your Kindle.