Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Love Darg Reborn :)

You will be delighted to hear (I hope!) that I have picked up yarn and needles again, fresh and eager to start my Love Darg Shawl and hopefully not burn this one to a crisp :/

I'm using 2mm needles (my Chiaogoo Red Lace, how did I ever manage without them?) and Colourmart 2/56NM Merino/Silk/Cashmere mix yarn in a glorious lustrous orange hue called 'Sienna'.

Here's a huge detail of the border section.

The pattern is intricate but not impossible (though it may be just me that I end up with the wrong stitch count some rows, luckily I'm reading the motifs and I can correct on the fly now, so I'm feeling pretty confident).

I'm planning on a stole rather than the square shawl in the pattern.  There are photo's of the stole of samples that are in the Shetland Museum, so it's not a new concept!  I haven't knit any edging points yet, I cast on with a provisional cast one (visible on the first photo) and I'll pick up stitches and side stitches all around the four sides at the end and knit on my edging from there.  Time consuming, yes, but worth it in the long run as it will be even and it will be easier to go around the corners.

I'm knitting the border, the some plain rows, a row of eyelets, more plain rows and then 4 times the height of the border with a centre pattern.  I will knit the second border then and graft the two sides together before starting the edging.

A large undertaking but it's just so darn pretty and I feel so impressed with myself that I have gotten this far with such a fine thread, that it's spurring me on!  Here's a photo of an original from the Shetland Museum and archives.

I'm getting close to the centre pattern now, so as soon as I have some photo's I'll post them.

Until then

Happy knitting 



  1. Pretty! And so much progress!! I look forward to watching it grow -- or maybe seeing the finished photos next week.

    1. Oh dear Carolyn, I don't think it will be finished that quickly! I have started the centre though and I have 3 out of 16 repeats done, so slowly and steadily we go :)