Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Journals & Planners

I am so excited!  I'm on a paper high this week.  

I have the usual girly crush on stationery that started back when I was in Primary School and like every other 8 year old in the 80's I collected 'fancy paper'.

Unfortunately my beautiful and painstakingly collected/swapped folder of notebooks and pages was stolen in school (you know who you are...) never to be seen again.  It still hurts to think about it, sniff...

So as a grown up I am trying to recreate that little collection, albeit with more mature pieces!  I have always harboured a warm fuzzy feeling that some day I would write a novel.  One that people would read and think well of.  A classic.  I aim high don't I?

Anyway, I digress, in order to write one needs something to write 'in' so I went looking for a suitably inspiring notebook & planner.  I previously tried to be inspired my Moleskine and Ciak to no avail (nothing to do with my abilities I assure you!)

So I think I have finally cracked this little nutkin, tah dah...

Above you can see my new wonderful planner from Personal Planner.  It's an A5 ring bound notebook with plastic covers and an elastic closure.  Doesn't sound too interesting does it?  A little run of the mill, meh, even?  Absolutely NOT!  This little beauty is very different I can assure you, because the notebook I have in my hand is utterly ONE OF A KIND!  Yes, you heard me, it's a personalised planner from the front cover to the back and everything in between.

You can choose a colourful front and back as per their choices, a designer option, where you can also tailor the colours with graphics, or like me you can upload your own photo's for the front and back and have your very own one of a kind planner.

Inside there were a wealth of choices to pick from, the layout for a start can be tweaked to vertical or horizontal week to view, with times or without, with lines or without, with small or large weekend view.  you can choose the design at the top of the page, the colours used and the colour of your ruler. 

At the bottom of the page you can also include 3 of 13 different options ranging from 'to do', to 'ideas' or you could leave the space blank.

Another very useful (and cute) option, is to have the weather in the side bar of each day, or if you workout, there is also a little box to record your routines.

One of the best things for me, was that you can add in all your birthdays and anniversaries on line (and even bring them over from Facebook) and the book arrives at your doorstep with all these important details already added to your planner (genius!!!)

There are also some dinky little graphics for important dates, like New Years Eve (Big Ben)

and Christmas Trees!

At the back of the planner there are even more options to choose from, I wanted a 2012 and 2014 overview, but you could also have music sheets, blank, ruled or squared paper, sudoku, colouring book, teachers notes etc.  The possibilities are endless.

I also chose an address book at the back because I have no dedicated one at the moment.

Included is also a clear plastic pocket for bits and bobs.

My paper options, ruled and squared (for all those lace knitting ideas!)

Better shot of the back cover, my photo and 

the front cover. 

The planner comes in 4 different sizes and they also make a notebook, also personalised, so you can have a matching set.  

I also purchased a Midori Traveler's Notebook in Brown.  Something that I had lusted after for over a year!  I got mine from the Journal Shop and it arrived really quickly and efficiently.  

Here she is sunning herself outside on the rocks.

I did do a little customisation just to 'break her in' gently...a crystal to hang off the bookmark and a small medal I was given when I visited the catacombs in Rome when I was a teenager.

I did buy a few accessories for her too.

Here's the packaging...

And the little cotton bag that the notebook comes in...

The notebook is basically a large square of heavy duty leather with an elastic closure and another elastic wrapped twice around the spine to hold the refillable notebooks inside.

There are lots of different inserts to choose from, plain paper, ruled, squared, watercolour paper, thin paper, craft paper for scrap booking, planner inserts etc.

For organisation, there are plastic stickers to stick to the inside of the cover and a zippered pocket.

Inside cover of the plain refill (which comes with the leather  notebook).

You can see how the elastic 'spine' holds the notebook in the centre.

Credit card holder.

Lined notebook.

Back pocket sticker and pen holder.

So there she is, I haven't written in her yet, but I plan to just write everything and anything from lists to musings in her, messily, neatly and everything in between.  For inspiration check out the flickr photo group here.

So I shall spend the next year scribbling away happily in between knitting bouts :)



  1. Hi rubysasha! I'm Sara from Personal Planner. Loving your review of your beautiful Planner! Is there an way I can contact you via email (could't find it anywhere on the blog...). I'd like to send a little something your way... x Sara

    1. Hi Sara, that is so sweet! You can reach me at