Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Monday, 23 July 2012

Cois Farraige and Beaded Glebe

I had such a wonderful idea.

I was inspired by this beautiful shawl here (Ravelry link) and new immediately what stitch patterns I wanted to use and the colours needed.  I was going to knit a seaside inspired shawl and call it Cois Farraige (meaning by the sea in Irish).

I sent away to Jamiesons for my yarn (which was delivered with the speed of a small mongoose on Rollerblades) and then stopped for a moment to try and decide on the shape this beautiful thing was going to take.

I decided on a semi circle (half pi) as this would allow my chosen patterns room to flourish.

Which was working well until I finished and realised that my motifs had a severe effect on the semi circular shape of my lovely little shawl.

They drew her in like a waspish waist where she should have been unrestricted giving her a humpy shape.  Boo :(

Other than that, I like how the colours worked, the sandy seashells and the blue green of the sea and waves.

But I have learnt an important lesson on swatching.  Wrists are being duly slapped and my mistake is now committed to memory.  She makes a pretty test square no?

For the first time since Christmas I think I have had more than 1 project on the needles (I try so hard to be monogamous :)  So feeling guilty I was determined to wipe them off the wip list and tackle them tout suite.

After my Cois Farraige Shawl debacle I was chastened but still on a mission to finish all the pesky partial projects.

In steps my Beaded Glebe Scarf.  I had made a non beaded version and decided that it could use a little bling.  The scarf is small and easy to knit, even with the beading and takes only a few days to finish, which is why I wonder why she was languishing in the knitting bag in the first place!

Once I had cast off and blocked her I was so relieved to be done, I hate having projects cast a shadow over my knitting happiness :)

I used two different coloured beads, but next time I think I will use a non variegated yarn as it looks a little busier than I would have wanted.

So then I was free to cast on again unfettered for my very first Orenburg Shawl, something that I have been wanting to do for the longest time.  More to follow on this wonderful project.

Happy knitting



  1. The beads are just beautiful, so sparkly! I'm the same, I tend to just have one project on the go at a time, I get too excited to get something finished to start anything else.

    1. We must be very loyal and monogamous people!!!