Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Monday, 25 June 2012

June whistles past at an alarming pace, zooom...

So what have I been doing with myself since I last wrote?   It was nearly a month ago (June always lasts about 3 seconds), so I've had two cases of chicken pox with the little 'un's (sore not itchy, sleepless nights and poor sad little spotty faces), brought a shawl to be judged in a National Competition (won't jinx it by saying anymore), been to see a brilliant play (stitch in your side & face pain from laughing funny), had a lovely night out with friends (rare) and waved my brother in law off to the other side of the Atlantic (sniff).

Yeah, I've been busy :)

I cast off on my Aibréan Shawl at the end of May.  I had another edging planned, a knit on one, but I ran out of yarn a handful of points away from the end.  A whole days work wasted, I could have cried.  I put her down for a day or two then ripped back (I am fond of that!) and tried something different.

Luckily I had enough wool to finish and no one can tell that this beautiful finish was a second choice :)

The main pattern is a traditional Shetland one, called Print O' the Wave, which is a stocking stitch based pattern and not garter.  I do prefer knitting the garter stitch ones, but the stocking stitch makes this pattern and it was a nice break to knit something a tad different.

The yarn is LHogan BFL Lace in Incredible Ingrid colourway.  Plums, pinks and reds dominate it in a beautiful eye catching mix.  Intense and warm, it has to be one of my favourite colourways.

Now that she's finished, I feel a little bereft, I need some more Shetland Lace to calm me.

I have a wedding to go to next month and I'm planning my outfit around this shawl :)

As for other projects, I have 5 delicious sorbet colours of Jamiesons Ultra Lace weight that will be a Summery warm, semi circular shawl called Cois Farraige, with shells and waves to herald in the Summer months (yes I know we've passed the longest day, but we are still soggy and cold here on the Emerald Isle). Hopefully it will work as a kind of 'anti rain-dance' and encourage the round yellow thing in the sky to come visit us for a few weeks, nothing too strenuous, a little over 20 degrees Celsius and rain AT NIGHT only would be much appreciated and very welcome.  

I am almost finished my Jan Summer Sweater too, (Jan Sweater by Susan Crawford) just two sleeves to complete and then I can wear her.  I made a few adjustments, I knit the jumper in the round (there were no extra calculations to make, I just cast on and started to knit back and front together and then split for the front and back at the sleeves) and I'll be knitting the sleeves the same way.  No unsightly seams, yey!  I also knit it in cotton, which will be nice and cool for when the warm weather comes (no harm in a positive attitude).  I knit the body a little longer than the pattern called for as I think I have a longer torso than average.

But what has been keeping me busiest over the past fortnight is this delightful woolly christening shawl for a wonderful new baby born last week.  It's my own design, A Stóir Baby Blanket/Shawl, and I'm about 22 edging points away from finishing.  The christening is booked and I have to post it to the UK in plenty of time, so I'm working like a demon until it's finished.  Blocking tomorrow???

So now it's back to dabbing the calamine lotion...

Happy knitting



  1. Lovely. And just 22 points to go? That's practically done. (My tally ... 188 points to go.)

    1. Ouchy! Though that is totally do-able! I started with 72 on Friday to do, and here I am almost finished :)

      I always have to break the edging number down to 'sides' and then halve them!!! If I try to get one half of a side done in a block I'm happy.

      How many points per side does your Queen Susan have? You flew through the borders, so I have no doubt you'll zoom through the edging one point at a time too!!! Good luck :)

  2. I'm so slow at knitting lace, I love to visit your blog and see your progress and enjoy it vicariously ;) I'd been eyeing up that jumper myself but the thought of sewing up put me off, maybe you'll inspire me to give it a go... can't wait to see it finished :)

    1. Lace should be enjoyed, there should be no time limits, otherwise what's the point? The Jan Jumper takes a little more time to take shape knitting it in the round (the ribbing takes FOREVER!) but no seams, whoohoo :) I just used two different coloured markers for the beginning and the second side. I hope to be finished in a week or so, they're only short sleeves.

  3. I have enjoyed catching up with your lovely projects, the shawl is such a yummy colour. I am also knitting a fine baby shawl, but from a pattern and if I finish this year - I'll be delighted!!

    1. Fine baby shawls are so pretty and really satisfying to finish and pass on to their new recipients. Something lovely and cosy about a new little person wrapped in something that was handmade with care and loving attention. Can't wait to see it.