Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May Updates

I can't see the sky today,  I'm partially relieved and sad at the same time.

We  don't get much sun here & we take ages to acclimatise, so usually good weather is met with a lot of whinging about the heat & the sticky sweatiness of it all.  This time, I heard ne'er a whine and it seemed like the whole country accepted without question the unusual temperatures and the blueness of the sky.

We've used up half a bottle of sun cream, had a day trip to a kids play park and spent our days outside and our evenings catching up on eating and homework.

It has been fun, but today we have a break and I finally have time to hoover the floor and the inch of dust that's accumulated there :)

I have decided to make a huge effort with my large backlog of unpublished patterns and I'm currently test knitting a beaded scarf and finishing off on the written pattern.

I also cast on for Susan Crawford's Jan Sweater in Sirdar Luxury 4ply cotton, I am knitting it in the round, rather than in 2 pieces for the back and front as per the pattern.  Once I got past the ribbing, the pattern knits quickly and it's going quite smoothly.

My poor Aibréan Shawl has stalled until I have an afternoon to rip out the edging I was knitting on, I ran out of wool about 10 points from the end, so it's in Coventry until I'm in a more forgiving mood.

My list of knitty to do's is getting a little more manageable, I'm almost down to stash and leftovers except for my little collection of gossamer shawls (Princess, Love Darg, Queen Ring, Wedding Ring Shawls - all by Sharon Miller - these I will tackle on a one per year basis!)

My WIP's are almost decimated, Aibréan is in the naughty corner and I'm working on my Glebe Beaded Scarf and Jan Sweater.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty organised and relaxed.

But now I find I'm feeling an itch to buy some more yarn and knit another shawl.  I thoroughly blame another Raveler Skylark, whose shawl 'Homage to the Shore' made me squeal unladylike with unreserved glee at the computer screen.  She knit a beautiful tonal triangular shawl in blues and sand to represent the waves lapping at the shore, complete with little white crests.  Ah, so pretty...

So now I want something similar, it really spoke to me, I love the sea, and the colours are just my absolute favourites.  

So I'm thinking and plotting...

I'm also taking lots of photo's!

On to a different subject, we spent a day at Tayto Park at the weekend with another family and had a great time.

We managed to see the Amur Leopards being fed!

And the Mountain Lions (sorry about the fuzzy photo, I had the wrong setting on my camera) but they were less interested in the meat.  I have always been interested in Mountain Lions since I was little and I read a series of kids fiction books in our local library.  I remember that there was no author credited to the books but they were written as the animals were the narrators.  There was also another series on Jack Rabbits if I remember correctly.  With no author to go by, I can't locate any information on these books, if they sound familiar to anyone, please let me know!

The kids were less interested in the fabulous animals, all they wanted was the playground.

I can see why parents can get very frustrated with their offspring, especially when they are constantly tugging your arm and begging to go on the swings.

"But we have swings at home for free, we've driven for two hours and paid a fortune for you to experience all these wonderful animals and all you want to do is go to the playground"


It was a beautiful warm, sunny day none the less and we all came home warm and tired, so I call that a success!

Happy knitting

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