Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Thursday, 31 May 2012

First half of 2012 Update

I wanted to give an update to the is post here that I wrote just before Christmas last year.

Decimate the WIP's

The WIP's on the list were - 

  1. Monte Cristo Shawl - Finished!  But unworn, I haven't had anywhere nice to wear it to yet.
  2. Darcey Cardigan - Finished, the neckline is a smidge too wide though and slips uncomfortably.  The shape of this lovely cardi is not for me, the cotton/linen kind of shrank upwards and now instead of a long line it's boxy and short.  Not a good look.  Now hiding at the back of the wardrobe :(
  3. Love Darg Triangle Shawl - Less said least mended.  Shall be reborn (at some point).  See here for full tearful story, p.s. bring tissues :(
  4. Aquamarine Shawl - Sharon Miller's Wedding Ring Shawl in gossamer Cashsilk.  I don't intend to finish this in 2012, but hopefully in 2013.  It's too big a project to stress over and I really only swatched a little with the centre (I think I did about two repeats) so I don't officially count this as a WIP!
My new WIP's on the list are -

  1. Aibréan Shawl - Almost finished, I ripped back the offending edging (I ran out of yarn about 10 points from the end, growling ensued) and I should be finished in a day or two.
  2. Beaded Glebe Scarf - A test knit with beads, so that I can finally release the pattern, I have such a back log it's not funny!
  3. Jan Sweater - This is coming along nicely, a few more inches and I'll be at the underarm and will split for the front and back.

Knit a Fair Isle Garment
I wanted a garment to try out steeks and knitting in the round but I found Kate Davies Rams and Yowes Blanket instead which covered all, so I'm almost happy to say that this is complete.  However, I was trawling Ravelry for lace weight yarn for sale (did you know you could buy yarn from other Ravelers?  How wonderful!) and I found someone with an entire kit of yarn with enough in my size for Ann Feitelson's Brae Cardigan.  I had planned on the Westerwick, but maybe the colours in Brae are a little more grown up and me :)  The kit is a really good price, so I'm hoping she replies to my message.

12 Shawls in 2012
I am on shawl number 5 of 12.  I'm trying to complete one a month, though when I start using my stash I'll be able to make slightly smaller shawls which will be finished quicker :)

Stash Bust 2012
I am aware that I have a funny way of categorising my stash.  I see it as any yarn that has been partially used for something else, or leftovers.  So far I have used up all bar 2 balls of my 'full' stash so it's onto the odds and ends after that.

Scarves, cowls, bags, mittens, hats or shawls a gogo.  I'll be busy for the next 6 months.

Though to be honest, I have bought yarn, I couldn't help it.  In fairness, the yarn I did buy has all been used up :)

Complete the Princess
I have not knit one stitch yet, I am so bold and really pushing it if I think I'll be finished on time   :(

Knits for the Kids
I have requests in for scarves, mittens and hats for Autumn to match their winter hats, a jumper and a cardi each shall also have to be knit :)

as Knits 2012
See Stash Bust!

So I'm not doing too badly am I?

On the other hand my to-do list is growing.  Not only do I want clothes myself but my darling hubby, after 15 years of playful nagging, has decided he wants a wool jumper (not that he realises that it’s Summer outside and he probably won’t wear it until December) so I have to swatch (I hate) and crunch numbers with a little Elizabeth Zimmerman help and make him a suitable jumper with NO ribbing, long sleeves & a long body with a round neck. No other decoration necessary! I wonder if he’ll wear it once I’m done???

I also have another shawl semi planned in my head, it's going to be VERY COLOURFUL.  Wool ordered today so now I have to open excel and start planning :)

Until then 

Happy knitting 



  1. I love your way of organizing things! Get to work on the Princess. It won't get finished if you don't get to work on it.

    But such progress everywhere else! I would be envious, but for the fact that if I put down Queen Susan to make progress elsewhere, Queen Susan wouldn't get done. Can't have it both ways!

  2. It's a precarious balancing act isn't it? There are just so many things begging to be knit, my poor Princess languishes :(

    All my fault of course, but now completing this project has become a kind of 'do before you die' project and I think I put it off because I have so many less important things to do first. All I need to do is sit down and knit a row every now and then, it's really not that difficult :)

  3. I'm very impressed with your progress, even to be on shawl no.5 for this year, is impressive to me. Like you, even though there are several WIP's I can't quite seem to resist starting with enthusiasm when something takes my interest. (but... also if you don't start, you might might never get round to it!)

    1. Ah yes, huge quantities of self discipline is needed to keep all the projects in check. Still the wonderful feeling of finishing something that has been hanging around like a lost little sheep is priceless :)

  4. Love your project organization and comments on projects and stash and stash busting.

    Don't have an account. alwysknit on ravelry

  5. Thanks! The stashbusting will start in earnest now soon, stay tuned!