Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Monday, 14 May 2012

BMC Squared

My Betty Mouat Cowl is complete! 

She likes to fly...

And puddle around on the rocks, pretending to sun herself though it's freezing out :)

Close up of her scrumptiousness...

Et moi!  I really detest photo's of myself, but I had put on make up so I think I pass muster.

I love this pattern so much I have cast on again, this time in 100% cotton (Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton in 4ply) in a pretty Kiwi colour.  Very fresh and Spring like.

It's in the smaller size this time (I did also try the no-purl method, but the cotton is too slippy to make the join seamless, I was left with large open loops) and it's a birthday gift for a friend.  I have lots of cotton, so I may make either mittens or a small bag to match.

I'm halfway there already, it's literally knitting itself, so I'll have more photo's next post.

Until then, 

happy knitting



  1. This is lovely! I look forward to seeing it in the kiwi green as well.

  2. Thanks :) The small bmc is all finished now and I even got as far as making matching mittens aswell! They are for a birthday present next month, so I can breath now that they are all made and ready to be given.