Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Thursday, 15 March 2012


 I apologise, I have been dreadfully lax about popping this post up!

I really wanted to make a video of my very first steeking experience, which I did, but it was awful.  Really awful.  I set my trusty little camera up on the end of the bed but I really didn't recheck once I started so I was off camera for most of it and the kids were chirping in the background and making a racket, so there were no instructions of words of advice to be heard.  I was very disappointed but my recording skills are zilch :(

I did manage to salvage a couple of stills however, with my super sharp fiskars scissors in action.

Here's a shot of the crocheted steek part in cream.

More scissors action.

Front and back and crocheted steek - still holding!  You can just about see the chequerboard effect of the 5 stitch steek in this photo.

Right and wrong side again.

Back of blanket, isn't it just as pretty to look at?

Blurry picture of the front rolling back on itself, it reminds me of a sheepy Persian rug.

Crocheted steek in cream.

Close up

And how she looks now, I'm almost finished the first side of the edging, two more colour changes to go and then it's decreasing down the other side.  Isn't the shading just impeccable?  I'm really enjoying this project but I'm reserving it now for TV knitting as it's just very long rows of plain and purl knitting.  I have cast on this morning for a lacy shawl that deserves a post all of its own.  So until I have a little more knitting completed, that's all from me!

Happy knitting xxx


  1. Oh thanks for sharing all these photos. What a labor of love- just beautiful! It will certainly be a trasured heirloom.

    1. Thanks Lynn, it is a very enjoyable project and I'll be sad when it's finished! Already I'm planning what to do with all the leftover yarn!