Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Friday, 2 March 2012

Sheep Head, Hands and Lap

I am rediscovering my love for stationary this week!  Ever since I was about 9 or 10 I have had pen pals and written in journals.  Lately though I haven't been good and most of my regular pen friends have been neglected and I find it hard to motivate myself to write regularly.

I'm hoping that I can organise my day a little better to include some more writing and some more play time with the kids and some exercise for myself.  I'm going to take it in baby steps so I'll let you know how I'm getting along!

I finished my second Sheep Heid by Kate Davies towards the end of February for myself, yey!  I made the brim a little bigger as I seem to have a rather large noggin, by increasing the stitch count to 126 and then knitting the rest as per the pattern.  It turned out might fine and I love it.  

I also tried a new way of fixing my loose ends as the last Sheep Heid  took two hours of darning needle attention before I could block it and I really didn't want to have to sit hunched over and grumpy doing the same for this one.

So I took some advice from a fellow Raveller Tillybean by weaving in as you go with a new colour (not knotting needed, gasp!) and then weave in with the old yarn on the other side.  I tried this with great success, though I must admit, initially I was a little worried that things may have come undone.  But fear ye not, my threads were safe and sound encased in their stitches and my tension was even and NO ENDS!  Yippee, what a revelation, I felt like my Birthday and Christmas had all plopped into my lap at once along with a giant bar of chocolate for garnish!

So thrilled was I that I got a little carried away and knit myself a pair of mittens to match.  

I used the Jamieson & Smith Sissal Glove pattern but increased the stitch count as my hands must be large to match my head!!!  At least I'm in proportion :) 

 Anyway, I cast on 52 stitches and mimicked the rib from the Sheep Heid pattern, then I increased  evenly to 65 stitches then knit 2 more row then began chart A, then chart B, then chart A again, then colour change & knit 2 rows, knit 3 rows with alternating stitch colours (chequerboard) before decreasing back down to 52 stitches and ribbing for 6 rows & cast off.
Thumb as per Sissal Gloves pattern.

I also used the yarn weaving trick and I was very happy with the end result.

I fulled them a little as I was washing them (don't have a canary, I did it knowingly and on purpose) and the went lovely and fuzzy and cuddly with the stitch definition still perfect.  I think this helped with the inside more as now the floats don't catch you as you pull the mitten on.

I was hoping to be able to complete this post with a finished Rams & Yowes Lap Blanket by Kate Davies but alas, I'm not finished!

In fact I just spent the morning ripping out a glaring mistake that I made with the colour changes, you can see it above.  I used Shaela instead of Gaulmogot, which I could have lived with if the pattern wasn't mirrored and the mistake would be glaringly obvious when finished.

Hey Yowes!

The serious manly rams and my silly mistake.

My steek!  Eek, I'm going to have to cut through that!  

When my delightful hubby heard what I was knitting, he looked at it like I was after losing my mind and said "how can it be a blanket if it's a tube?"
Patiently I explained I was going to take a very sharp scissors to it.
In fairness, this is the man who saw me remove the needles from my Love Darg Gossamer shawl and then cremate it in the stove, so he's used to extreme knitting ideas.  But he can't get his head around this one.
"Cutting it?" 
"With a scissors?"
"Are you sure?"
I don't think he quite believes me.  I might have to do it when he's not in the house, as he's not a drinker, he might be stressed enough to reach for the brandy!

Anyway I'm about a week away from steeking so I'll take lots of photos and keep  you posted!

Happy knitting



  1. Oh I do love those Kate Davies designs. Your knitting is just gorgeous! Husbands can be a funny lot - I love to keep mine puzzling over the things I'm working on. I'm going to look forward to seeing how you handle the steeking.

    1. Thank you :) He's really very nervous about this whole steeking business so it should be an interesting experience all round! Should have a post up in about a week I think.

  2. The sheeps head pattern looks so nice and also the lovely natural colours of your warm set. I feel really scared at the thought of cutting into knitting, I have heard about it, but would I ever have the courage to try it?? Gosh, I doubt it. So looking forward to seeing how you do it. Brave girl!

    1. I'm feeling a little reckless even thinking about it, maybe afterwards as a bit of a calming exercise I may do a bunjee jump or something :)

  3. I saw somebody cut a just finished sweater once in order to shorten the wasn't my sweater, but I passed out anyway. Good luck :)