Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Isn't March just marching on past?  March in our family is the traditional female celebration month as all the lassies have their birthdays so it's quite busy and hard on the pocket.  All except my darling little lady who was 12 days too late to join the club and is an April baby instead.  We still allow her to celebrate though and don't hold it against her!

March is also the month that holds International Women's day (on the 8th) and is mostly full of pancakes (Shrove Tuesday) and miserably lacking in chocolate (Lent).  So it is a month I both enjoy and dread in equal measures.  The days are mercifully getting brighter and clearer and just a teensy bit warmer but could turn on a pinhead and snow at a pinch.  I love a month full of contradictions.

We have started taking a day out on a Sunday as a family now, especially as the kids get so excited about going to new places and seeing new things and we are taking in some local sights and mostly pretending to be tourists in our own County.  

It's opened my eyes to the beauty and the roughness of sweet Leitrim and I can fully appreciate it's magnificence while the storm clouds are tumbling in and the sun is harsh and low in the sky.  Everything is rocky and lush and I feel a childish excitement staring out the car window (I'm not driving by the way!) seeing the first lambs with their thick woolly back legs and undocked tails teetering and springing through the grass and clumps of daffodils.

I love Spring, can you tell?  I like it better every year, especially after a harsh Winter.
So, more importantly, have I been knitting?  What a silly question, of course I have.

I have stalled on my Rams and Yowes Blanket (Ravelry link) as my second Knit Pro Symfonie needle tip broke.  The 800+ stitches in jumper weight wool on a wooden needle tip was just too much stress to bear and I sheared off both needle tips at the point where they connect to the metal with very little aggravation.  I am disgusted as I have no metal needle long enough in my stash, so a little Internet shopping had to be done and now I'm waiting for a 120cm Prym 3mm circular needle should be in the post box very soon.  

So in the meantime I have begun another project, Shetland Lace of course, in the beautiful Blue Faced Leicester Lace Weight yarn hand dyed by Laura Hogan.  The colourway I'm using is Novak, which I have linked to on her Etsy page, the pictures don't do it justice, it's rich and glossy and very much like getting lost in a well faceted Garnet.

The pattern is of my own devising and I'm calling it Márta, which is Irish for March and it will be a top down triangle shawl with two lace patterns and a knit on lace edging all in garter stitch.   I'm loving how lacy it is, the repeat is small, but very involved and there's patterning on both sides so it does need some concentration when working the charts but it's moving along swiftly now.  

My next big project will be a way of working out how much yardage a project will need regarding repeats of a particular pattern over an increasing number of stitches.  If anyone has a fool proof way of doing this please let me know, and then I can stop winging it and be able to use the majority of a full skein of yarn :)

Until next week,

happy knitting



  1. I can't wait to see how the blanket turns out. It looks like a perfect lap warmer. I'd love to knit one but colourwork scares me.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I got my new longer length metal needles today so I can get back to working on my blanket while I watch TV! Whoopee! So I should have some lovely new photo's soon.

      Colourwork looks really technical and hard work, but it's a little like lace, you get engrossed with it and then addicted! Start with something small (in the round is better as then you don't have to worry about purling & swapping colours) so socks, mittens and hats are perfect. Try 2 colours to save on all the loose ends at end and give it a go!

      I might try a cushion next!!!