Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Smurfs La la la la la la La la la la la :)

It's funny how my kids are now watching some of the same cartoons as I did when I was little!  There are hours upon hours of Smurfs on kids TV on a Saturday morning now and they love them, my little man has even proved he can carry a note and goes around la-la-la-ing to the theme tune.  So sweet.  

So it was an obvious choice when it came to naming my fine lace shawl project!

The shawl is from Sharon Miller's Love Darg book, from the Aunt Kate booklet section.  From the notes it was originally intended as a motoring scarf, but even though I chose lace weight yarn and 2.75mm needles it still blocked out at an impressive 23" x 54" approx.  Slightly bigger than a scarf methinks.  

It was knit with Dublin Dye Company Alpaca Lace in a beautiful smoky, stormy blue colour.  The yarn is 50% Alpaca/30% Merino/20% Silk and is beautiful to work with.  Soft, lustrous and with a slight halo.  It blocks out beautifully too.

As you can see from my sink in the picture above the water is BLUE!  As were my hands the whole time I was knitting it :)

I had done a little test before hand so I knew that if I rinsed until the water turned clear, all was good and the yarn was still the colour it was intended to be, so I didn't need to add vinegar or anything to the water to set it.

I did however have to cut my nails back as the dye refused to leave the tips!  Maybe I just have very porous nails :)

For such a fine and semi large project, she didn't take much time to knit at all.  I followed the pattern instructions to the letter and was finished in 17 days, I was contemplating a few more repeats of the centre pattern to use up the bulk of my yarn (1,312 yards per 100g) but stuck with the original 9 and used about 83g of the skein.  

It's such a beautiful shade of blue that I really went overboard on the photo's and took hundreds.

I remember studying Leonardo DaVinci's fabric folds sketches in Art Class and I've always loved watching how fabrics move, drape and fall.  I can't get enough of lace in a well lit puddled heap!

One of my favourite colour combinations, sand and light blue.

Smurf on the rocks!

The pattern is very simple to execute, the edging is knit at the same time and the second border is knit separately and grafted at the end.  The lace patterning is only every other row with rest rows and it's completely in garter stitch.

Very striking though, for something so simple.  I'm delighted with how she turned out and I may just use her as the scarf she was always intended to be, all bunched up like a cowl.  Draw that, Mr DaVinci!

Happy knitting



  1. Lovely! I'm slightly envious of your finished lace FO. Mine is ... well ... a good ways from the finish line. But I am in love with working on it, so all is well.

    1. I am in awe that you have made so much progress on your Queen Susan Shawl, my little 'scarf' pales into comparison!

  2. What a heavenly colour your smurf is! Had to laugh at the blue fingernails though. If I ever use that yarn, I'll remember it.

    1. I think blue is a tricky colour to dye, the yarn is still the same colour as it was when I got it so the dye was fixed, blue fingernails are a small price to pay for a gorgeous shawl!