Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Friday, 27 January 2012

All Weights Lace

I'm really glad I knuckled down and pulled out all my unfinished projects.  I was going to alternate them with new projects to sneakily finish them without making a big deal of it, but I found once I got going it was a tiny bit addictive!

I'm not very good at making myself proper clothes, like cardigans, tunics, jumpers etc. and I really only manage about 1 a year on average.  2011 was the cotton/linen blend Darcey Cardigan by Ruth Maddock.  A nicely shaped cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves and a tie closure.  What drew me to the pattern was that fact that it was knit in the round up to the armholes.  Surprisingly, the sleeves were knit flat in the pattern, but in keeping with the seamlessness I knit them in the round using magic loop.

I made a few other changes, a button instead of a tie closure.  I figured the yarn wasn't really suitable for a tie fastening as it's quite rough.  My button hole does gape a little though, so I may have to reinforce it.

I also knit the button bands vertically instead of knitting a seperate band and sewing it on (something I detest doing, I always feel I'm doing more sewing than knitting in a garment if I start at that craic).

I haven't worn her yet but at least she's finished! 

Then I picked up my Monte Cristo shawl which is my design and has been sitting untouched since last May (for shame).  When I got back into the swing of it, I honestly don't know why I put her down!  She was an adorable knit and we spent many happy evenings on the couch bonding.

The pictures really don't do her justice, in pure silk, she is a Diva!

It's an interesting repeat, plenty to keep you occupied, knit from side to side with rest rows and an integrated edging, so once you're finished with the chart, you're finished with the shawl, no need to seam or add anything.

It's also a bonus (to me anyway, I'm a psychological knitter) that once you get to the halfway mark, you then begin to decrease stitches, so each row after that takes less time.  Result!

I expected her to take an age to dry, but it only took the guts of a day drying on my bed to complete her.

The following day was a monstrously windy day, so I went out and took some photos anyway.

Though I was mortally afraid she'd get blown into the forest or worse, a mucky puddle.

I love the way, the windy photo's look like the ink smudged in the printer!  (Incidently the colour was called 'ink' so it's all very apt).

I love this spectre in the woodshed.

Here she is in a quiet corner catching her breath.


The colour really is gorgeous, it's Silk Lace in Ink from Hedgehog Fibres and it's lovely to work with.

I am really proud of this one.

Happy knitting xxx


  1. Every reason to be proud, it's absolutely beautiful Aisling. I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it and it will be greatly admired.

    1. Thank you, Monte Cristo had its first outing yesterday and it is like wearing liquid silk, it flows and falls so prettily and it has just the right amount of heaviness to it. Luckily I was wearing it fastened with a brooch or I might have lost it!

  2. Love the cardigan, it's really nice. I totally agree about picking up the buttonband, no way I'd be sewing that on aftwerwards! But your Monte Cristo shawl is truly stunning. I love the colour, I think it matches your design perfectly. Well done!

    1. Thanks Sinead, sewing on button bands drives me nuts :) They never look well after I've ham fisted fixed it on. I love my shawl, she was a while on the needles but totally worth it!

  3. Hi,
    I’m wondering if you would let us ‘pin’ your beautiful work on the Hedgehog Fibres pinterest board?