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Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Plans for 2012

Some Christmas pics of my little Spiderman and Princess!

I have been thinking about my plans for 2012 (particularly my knitting plans) for a while now and I've decided to make a list.  That way, this time next year I can look back and see how far through the list I progressed!

Decimate the WIP's
This shouldn't really take too long, as knitter's go I probably don't have that many and it really is just the 'thought' of digging them out of hiding and trying to find my place is holding me back.  Then again I put these projects into hibernation for a reason, so it may cause more problems than it resolves.  I usually feel extremely delighted with myself when I successfully finish something I was avoiding so I'm hoping this will be a positive exercise!

The WIP's on the list are - 

  1. Monte Cristo Shawl - hiding in a tiny smooshy ball as I realised I don't like knitting with silk as much as I thought I would, even though it feels divine.  I also have a sneaking suspicion I made an error somewhere and threw it down in a tantrum last time I tried to tackle it.  Hmmmm.
  2. Darcey Cardigan - I admit it, I got bored.  Also the cotton/linen mix is a little hard on the hands until it's been washed and softened up a little.  On the plus side, it is knit seamlessly so I'm further on than I think.  A little dedication for a week or so should see this cardi wearable for Spring.
  3. Love Darg Triangle Shawl - Ah my sweet little Shetland Triangle.  My needles were hurting this shawl as they kept snagging at the joins, but I've recently bought some Hiya Hiyas and hope that these have a smoother transition (they feel like they do).  I just need a little determination and will power!
  4. Aquamarine Shawl - Sharon Miller's Wedding Ring Shawl in gossamer Cashsilk.  I don't intend to finish this in 2012, but hopefully in 2013.  It's too big a project to stress over and I really only swatched a little with the centre (I think I did about two repeats) so I don't officially count this as a WIP!

Knit a Fair Isle Garment
I have Anne Feitelson's Art of Fair Isle Knitting and I have fallen in love with her colour palettes.  I would really love to be able to say this time next year that I have a cardigan or a jumper or a garment of some sort completed with steeks, and all!  The Westerwick cardigan pattern caught my eye because the colours really did seem to shimmer and move.  Just gorgeous.  I know it looks quite pink in the pictures but there are a lot of blues and violets in the colour list and they are my favourites.

12 Shawls in 2012
Am I crazy enough to do this for the third year in a row?  In 2012 I started 19 and finished 18 (though not all on time, though I hit the target of 10 in August).  In 2011 I started 17 and finished 15 (though I am working on number 16 as we speak, probably won't finish my New Years Eve though).  I know I can do 12 in 2012, question is, do I want to?  I'll have to start making them for other people!  My shawl drawer is bursting to capacity. 

Stash Bust 2012
I have to put it in writing somewhere visible, that I shall not buy any more yarn.  I don't have much of a habit but I really need the space that my yarn odds and ends are taking up!  The only allowance I'll have to make is that in order to make a fair isle jumper/cardigan I'm going to need to buy the yarn required.  Maybe for my birthday, would that be allowed?  (Pretty please?)

I have some beautiful lace weight skeins but they can be utilised in 12 shawls 2012, and then lots of lace and jumper weight wool in small to large amounts.  I like the idea of making some sort of memory blanket with them, maybe one for each of the kids would be nice.  We'll see what sort of patterns I can come up with on ravelry.  I have quite a bit of cobweb weight too, which looks small but the yardage is probably substantial.  Maybe there's a stripy pi shawl in my future?

Complete the Princess
Ah, my poor Princess Shawl, she's so patient!  This will be her year, yes, you heard it here!  I vow to wear her at Christmas Dinner next year (ooh scary!)

Knits for the Kids
My poor patient under dressed childer-lings.  They are still growing like they have fertiliser in their shoes, but if I make something big enough surely it will last them 12 months?  God, I've turned into my mother...mutters...

Christmas Knits 2012
Shall I?  Will people be suitably impressed?  I'm not sure.  I already automatically reach for the needles for friends who announce pregnancies, and sometimes for birthday girls too (never sure how those presents go down realistically though!) so why not Christmas?  Maybe I'll stick to small stocking fillers for immediate family as a starter!

That is probably enough to be getting on with so I'll stop right there!

Curious to fast forward 12 months and look at this list then!

Happy knitting xxx


  1. Oh! WOW!! Aisling. What a programme you have set for 2012. I have just loved reading it, and feel like drooling on your list of stash yarns. All very good resolutions, some I should try to do too.

    My thoughts are also on knitting as my 14 yr old grand-daughter has requested a cardigan (can you believe a teenager wants a granny knit??). She's serious too, has chosen style, pattern, colours and given me her size. So I don't want to keep her waiting, but first must finish off my socks, and a jumper for eldest grandson (only six) before I go to Australia to see them in March. Anyway, my favourite Brittany needles are in use on that one, and I want to use them.

    Keep us posted on progress. Happy New year, I wish you lots of knitting time and some yarn as a treat from time to time.


  2. I might do a 6 month and a 12 month progress report and see how I manage! This list is really only what was on top of my mind so I might add to it as I go along.

    I'm all revved up and ready to go, 2012 bring it on!

  3. That's a very ambitious list of targets you've set for yourself, but I've no doubt you'll reach them all. Happy New Year!

  4. Eek! Maybe it is! And here's me thinking that I might add to it :-)

    The Princess is really the biggest project on the list, it took the designer 9 months to make so I've no idea if allowing a year to finish is enough, but here's hoping!

  5. Another planner! I'm still letting my plans incubate. You are definitely MUCH more ambitious than I am. The Queen Susan is on my list for 2012,though, once I get through re-bordering a hap shawl (in 2/28 cashmere), lengthening a gansey, and taking up the Victorian Knitting Challenge from Piecework!

  6. Hi Carolyn,

    Wow, the Queen Susan is a mighty and beautiful project! It is on my list after the Princess, Wedding Ring and Queen Ring shawls, so in other words THE shawl for 2015! I can't wait to see it, especially if you get it finished for Summer :-)