Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Busy busy busy & a few resolutions thrown in!

Whoo hoo, the end of the year is upon us!  Didn't that just happen all of a sudden?  I know, I say this every year, but I am always genuinely surprised!  Must be the innocence in me!!!

So I have been thinking about the knitting year that's creeping to an end and all I've done and I really am pleased with myself.  So far in 2011 I have knit 28,607 yards of yarn!  Can you imagine that?  I can barely wrap my head around it, that's a LOT of yarn to have running through my fingers!  Plus it's not including any unfinished projects so I have actually knit slightly more, phew!  My hands are smokin'!!!

Currently I'm halfway through a baby blanket for a friend who is due her third baby in February/March of next year, it's my own pattern - Cheeky Chicks Baby Blanket, and the chicks were chosen as her hubby is a chicken farmer.  I should be finished in about a week I think (all going well) so I'll be able to increase the above figure, go me! 

Next up was my Suffrage Tam.  I started it in November but had to stop as I ran out of the white wool and had to wait for another delivery.  It was a quick and fun knit (as are all of Kate Davies designs) and I have very fond memories of making paper dolls of my own at home when I was a young un'.  The colours chosen were White, Green and Purple, the suffragette colours to symbolise purity, hope and dignity, which were vaguely apt as we were going through presidential and referendum elections at the time.

I blocked the tam on a 10" dinner plate but the tam is about 11" in diameter so I could really just have blocked it flat pinned out on a towel.

I really have to work on getting a jogless seam and am on the lookout for a decent tutorial, so shout if you know any tricks!

I found the Sissal Gloves pattern on the Jamieson & Smith website (for free) and as I had a lot of jumper weight remnants I cast on with the intention of giving them to A's junior infants teacher.  Just as I finished them we received a letter from the school to kindly ask if parents would send no cards or presents to either pupils or teachers.  It's a pity but I respect the school's decision, these things can get way out of hand and people could do without the pressure of additional cost around an expensive time like Christmas.

I will gift them to someone though!!!

Next up is another baby present.  The wonderful Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket never gets boring or old, they get whipped into being in a day or two and you will spend hours marvelling over its simplicity and cleverness.  I still need to get buttons, but this little baby is almost ready to go.  It's new owner should arrive in February 2012, so I'm wishing mama and baba a swift and uncomplicated delivery!

I also made cute little booties to match out of the leftovers!

My little man also received his first knit jumper from his proud mama!  Doesn't he look adorable?  It's based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's fair isle yoke sweater, but she gives details on how to make a children's one too.  Obviously I left out the fair isle!

Last but not least is my gorgeous Lyttleton Shrug (or hug as I like to call it) it's knit in pure undyed Shetland wool and it is so cosy and snug and warm and gorgeous and I LOVE IT!

The pattern is Kate Davies also and it was a straightforward but rewarding knit.  I wasn't concentrating properly and I had to rip out a few sections but the fault was all my own!  The pattern is clear concise and genius!  The shrug is knit all in one piece and then the ribbing is knit on afterwards.  I think I will make it again as so far I've worn it quite a bit as the colour allows it to be worn with almost anything.

So 2012!  What will I be doing this time next year?  What will I be knitting, how many yards will I have knit through?

How many unfinished projects will be languishing shamefacedly in their little cotton bags?

Hopefully none!  Next year is the year where I clear all of my unfinished projects, I have 4 shawls including my Princess and my Love Darg to finish and they will take months each to complete.  I also have a linen/cotton blend seamless cardigan to finish.  2012 for me is also going to be the year of Fair Isle and I intend to knit a cardigan from Ann Feitelson's Fair Isle book in time to wear for next winter.

I will also make something for each of my adorable and very patient children as they deserve to be wrapped up in woolly goodness.

So 2011 was a busy one, but by all accounts 2012 could be even busier!

Happy knitting xxx


  1. Wow! what a lotta lotta knitting in one year. Well done - power to your needles.

    Much on my to do list too so heres to a happy knitting new year.

    Looking forward to seeing what you produce. Anne

  2. You certainly are a busy little beaver Ailing. I'm weary thinking about all that you've done. I hope you achieve your goals in 2012. Happy Christmas to you and your family, and thank you for the inspiration you so freely share with the world. I love reading your posts, and seeing your projects. Cheers for now.

  3. Thank you both, I would truly be lost without my busy hands and it's so good to be able to share it with others. Here's to 2012, productivity and inspiration!