Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Merry Christmas, no wait, hang on it's still only November???


Beware, rant approaching at full speed...

I've just spent a rather unpleasant hour trudging through tinsel and kids selection boxes to the chorus of  'is Santa coming tonight?  Is it Christmas yet?' from my two darling children who really don't know any better.  It's been like this for a few weeks, every since Tesco put up their Christmas decorations BEFORE Halloween.  Afterwards I can almost understand (I mean, it is next month, but I am quite happy to be in Christmas denial until after the 8th of December, when all culchies know it's safe to approach Dublin city centre to do a bit of silly season shopping) but in October?  For the life of me I just don't understand.

There were shelves upon shelves laden down with box sets of Brut and tins of biscuits but then there was no room for Liga and baby wipes and now my son is whinging that his favourite snack is not in the trolley and I'm annoyed that there are no wipes to clean up the sticky unidentified mess that someone left under the kitchen table.

I used to enjoy Christmas, enjoy spending time with people, trading gifts and tucking into nice nibblies, but now I find that with the constant reminders and impatient children I'm beginning to dread it.  A friend of mine even has her children's Christmas lists e-mailed (yes, I said e-mailed) to Santa, we still fling ours up the chimney (in December!) and Santa never has a problem with toy shortages or missed our house.  

I'm all for being organised and spreading the cost out but it's getting out of hand.  I want to enjoy my November, with it's crisp air and short days, and use it to ease me into Winter gently.  I don't want to be panicked into spending more that I intended just because I think the shops will begin their Spring stock rotation next month.

Never fear, as soon as the 25th has passed we'll all be racing to the shops to buy our Valentines goodies before they all sell out.

Rant over...


  1. I love Christmas, but it *is* totally getting out of hand. I think retailers are panicking after another crappy year, but still, it's waaay too early.

  2. I know, I'm jaded by it all by the time the 25th comes around. The laughable thing is, most edible xmassy stuff on the shelves is out of date by December!

    I want to be excited by simple things this year, my eldest is in Junior Infants and I want her to feed off the magic of excitement in school in the week or two build up before the holidays so that this Christmas will be one to remember, but so far she's almost immune to the whole thing because it's been in her face for months :-(

    Sigh, thinking of running away to a desert island for a few weeks...

  3. You are so right Aisling, it's all about getting us to spend, business practice I suppose, but I do so agree with you. Also it's so difficult to keep young children away from it this far ahead.

    Love your photos of Ireland in autumn, what a beautiful country it is. Wanted to move there but too far from my family.

    Best wishes Anne

  4. Thanks Anne!

    We took the photo's on Monday, we had a beautiful crisp bright day so I took the kids to a local forest park and we had a little walk, watched the sun begin to set and then came home for dinner, I should have gotten more photo's but the light was beginning to fade and my camera is old and basic! You can see the moon in the first photo, the kids were amazed at seeing both the sun and the moon at the same time!