Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Monday, 3 October 2011


So what is a WIP?  No it's not some sort of masochistic or sadistic tool, but a Work in Progress.  Most knitters I find have a few on the go, projects to suit different occasions, be it indoor, outdoor, knitting group, doctors office etc.  Me, I like to have no more that three on the go, because three seems to be my magic number and I get a little antsy if there are many more on the needles.

Of course, when does a WIP turn into hibernation mode?  Is there a time limit on this particular beast?  Will the knitting fairies descend with WhIPS to scold me if I don't label my projects correctly?  I think not, I am my own worst enemy and also a tad OCD about defining ones creative babies.

So in the spotlight this week -


  1. Aunt Kate's Blencathra Triangle - From Sharon Miller's Love Darg book, one of the original patterns in Aunt Kate's 1910 booklet.  I mentioned this shawl in my last post so there's not much more progress to report here yet.  I hope it doesn't take me too long but I think I'll work on it exclusively until it's finished.  The Nimu Yarns Blencathra (a heady mix of Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere is almost 'drunk-making'
  2. Darcey Cardigan - From Let's Knit Magazine, a lacy summer cardigan by Ruth Maddock.  I was initially drawn to this because I was gifted a lot of Tivoli Linen with Cotton DK and I adore seamless or knit in the round construction.  It might feel like it takes longer to make but no seams is my ultimate goal.  Seaming knitted garments never feels right to me, give me grafting any day (gasp!)
  3. Love Darg Gossamer Triangle Shawl - My opus for 2011 I think.  I have stopped and started a few times, each time I steam through another chunk and then something else comes up or lately I had to buy some new 2mm needles as my Prym ones were driving me nuts with the yarn catching in the join between needle and cord.  Another Sharon Miller extravaganza.  It's such a beautiful pattern and the Jamieson & Smith 1 ply gossamer Shetland Supreme is gorgeous and sheepy to work with.
Next is the Hibernation Crowd


  1. Russett Shetland Pi - I stopped on this shawl, even though I'm so close to the end because I made a mathematical error at the last increase round and my pattern repeat doesn't fit correctly.  I don't have the heart to rip out over a thousand stitches a row, not yet anyway.  This project can wait for the rainy day, where the kids are out of the house and I have a few hours to myself with no distractions.
  2. Monte Cristo Shawl - Oh dear, I have no excuses about this one except that I think I made a boo boo and then got fed up!  It's not great advertising as it's one of my own designs :-( Oops!
  3. Princess Shawl - My poor princess, every time I take her out for an airing something else with urgency issues pops its head up!  I feel mildly guilty but she's very patient and I vow to finish her by the end of 2012.
  4. Aquamarine Shawl - I really only started this shawl to swatch and ended up doing a few repeats so I'm not sure if it counts.  I am in no hurry, 2013 possibly!
And on the 'Not Even Started List'

  1. Mimi Veil - A veil lof my own design for  my eldest's Holy Communion (it's not for another few years, no panic on this one!)
  2. Naughty Sophia Scarf - Another of my designs, when I get to it.
  3. Queen Ring Shawl - 2014 opus perhaps?
  4. Socks - Hmm, will fit them in soon.
  5. Jack's Jumper -Crikey, this was meant for last Winter, ah well, plenty of time for this year!!!
  6. Doogarry Mor Shawl - Second version of this shawl (also my design) just need to cast on.
  7. Dark Villain Shawl - Hmmm, maybe an Aunt Kate scarf?
  8. Dublin Dye Alpaca Lace Shawl - Also Aunt Kate bound!
So there you have it, it's official, not counting clothes for the kids (now that that they don't grow as quick) socks and fair isle small items, I could be knitting well and truly into 2015 quite comfortably!


Happy Knitting xxx


  1. OMG! So many gorgeous projects! That list would take me at least a year to get through, but I bet you'll have the lot done by Christmas :)

  2. Yikes Sinead, I think there's several years worth there, especially as the Knitting & Stitching show is coming up and I'm incapable of being good :-)

    I'll hopefully knock a few off the list in the next 82 days, pity I don't get paid for knitting as it really is a full time job!