Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Friday, 16 September 2011

A little bit of unexpected luxury

 A few weeks ago, just before the schools re-opened I met with a friend in a lux hotel for a little knit and natter.

To say I was excited was an understatement as it's a rare occasion to leave the house with two legs instead of six (four of them being of the short variety!!!)  I even dressed up (I wore my newest shawl, very chic, but I'm not sure if the patrons of the Slieve Russell were ready for my outrageous outerwear).  I think I may have forgotten to wear makeup (I brushed my teeth, does that count???) and had my latest shawl nestled into my handbag.

Anyway I digress.  I met Doogarry at her house and we drove to the hotel, excitedly chattering and making up for the summer absence when doogarry was on hols.  We were soon settled though with coffee and hot chili nuts (kind of ruins the luxury 4-star experience, but my they were tasty!) and nary a row knit between us.  Instead Doogarry began extracting a treasure trove of yarn from her bag, new stash acquisitions and ah, what's that?  A random ball of yarn segregated from the rest.  What, it's for me?  No, you didn't, you got me a present?  I could tear up here at any second, that is beyond sweet.  Nobody has ever voluntarily bought me yarn before.  I was bowled over with happy feelings of gratitude and thoughts of "this woman is a genius, she understands me, she gets my 'knittyness'".  It was a first and I'm still a little high on happiness :-)

So I was the new owner of 50g of Rowan Fine Lace in a gorgeous Air force Blue colour called Retro, which is just so me!  I have just spotted now that I've added the link that Sharon Miller has outdone herself yet again and she has a new pattern called Cameo which looks absolutely stunning and I can feel a purse emptying coming on :-(  It's from Rowans new Fine Lace book, the patterns are listed here.

I had a pattern in mind already as I had knit it before as a gift and wanted one for myself, so I cast on for Evelyn A Clarks Prairie Rose Shawl a week or so ago and finished the shawl quite quickly.  The yarn is so soft and smooshy and delicious that it's a wonder it didn't take me longer to knit with all the stopping to stroke the damn thing!  I wanted to use it all, but my guesstimating skills are limited and I ran out at the edging.  I left out the chart between the shawl body and the edging and used my Dublin Dye Company Alpaca Lace in a stormy silver grey blue colour instead, which worked out really well.  It lifts the overall look of the shawl, kind of breaks up the monotony of the pattern.  It blocked out like a whisper and I've been playing and draping it around on the furniture ever since.

So thank you Doogarry, d'you see what you started???  I'm beyond grateful, thank you very much.

So there you have it, my knitting adventures for the last few weeks

Tooraloo and happy knitting



  1. Gorgeous! I love the grey edging, it really finished it off beautifully. Isn't Doogarry great?

  2. Well done to you Aisling. The shawl is just beautiful, and the few rows of silver/grey works really well. What a lucky girl you are!! Thanks for the link to the yarn company. I'm never going to die a rich woman!!

  3. Oh my god, how do you get through them so quickly? It's so beautiful and intricate, it would take me a year to knit that. I think maybe I need to take a speed-knitting class, haha.

  4. Thanks all, yes Knitinc, Doogarry is mighty :-) I just had to knit a shawl straight away!

    Linda, I will never leave any money behind me either, especially when there are leather bags and wool around!

    Jenbeardublin, haha, it's not speed knitting, just big needles! Try some of the Evelyn A Clark patterns, you can knit until you fed up and then just knit the edging! Perfect :-)