Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Friday, 8 July 2011

Sunflower Swift & Nostpinne

Ooh, I'm so excited today!  My sunflower swift & Swiss pear nostpinne arrived today in the post and I've been like a child at Christmas ever since!

I bought them both at Purlesence after spending an abnormal amount of time researching and googling all the different options I could possibly find.  I could only find one for sale here in an Irish shop (This is Knit in Dublin) (apologies if I missed anything obvious, but I was limited to searching from my sitting room!) and several in the US.  I really wanted to get one as close to home as possible, but there was nothing on or in any other google searches so I finally found my way to Purlesence.

I looked up as initially I was going to buy a manual ball winder as well, but when you get to the checkout you are bombarded with customs & excise duties of over €20 so I decided against as my bill was getting larger and larger.  Ebay was no better as most seemed to be overpriced or from China (with up to a months wait for delivery and some customers not receiving theirs) and I had my heart set on a wooden swift.

After more searching I found Purlesence and saw the hand turned Nostpinnes in various hardwoods and I fell in love.  They are so pretty to look at and since I don't have that much to wind into balls I decided to go with it rather than the manual ball winder, especially as I work mostly with lace weight and finer and a gentle approach is probably better!

So like a big child, still in my dressing gown, I wound my first little yarn cake this morning with my beloved Jamieson & Smith Lace Weight Wool (on special offer at £1.88!) and even for a first attempt with only a U-Tube tutorial behind me I managed a beautiful little ball of wool.  Go me!

So now I can buy skeins aplenty and enjoy the winding process instead of becoming a tangled mess tied to a kitchen chair and covered in knots!

Happy knitting xxx


  1. Where did you find the Sunflower swift in the US? I'm looking for one close to my home and all I can find are European sites!

  2. Hi, I'm in Europe so I got mine in the UK (follow the link). When I was researching & looking for mine, all I could find were American ones! I'm sure if you contact the site they may be able to post it to you. Good luck!